Moving day etiquette: how to behave around movers

Every relocation is difficult in its own way, and that’s why most people tend to hire professional movers. The pros know how to make sure your relocation goes smoothly and they have enough experience to be able to avoid moving mistakes. So, relocating with the help of moving companies South Pasadena will surely make your life easier, but there are some things you should keep in mind. Namely, you should try and make moving day as easy as possible for them. You can do that by simply behaving according to the moving day etiquette. If you’re not sure how to act around the movers, we’re here to give you a few tips.

Finish packing before moving day

On many occasions, people ask their movers for packing services. That’s a great way to save some time and energy and make your moving to-do list shorter. However, if you’ve decided to pack on your own, you should be completely ready to go on moving day. Being ready on time is one of the biggest rules of the moving day etiquette.

A couple packing their living room
Before the movers arrive, you should make sure all of your belongings are packed and ready to go.

This means that your belongings should be all packed up once your movers arrive. So, if you’re not getting packing services, you should start packing well in advance. Don’t leave packing until the last day – start a few weeks before your moving day. This will make it easier for the movers to load the truck and it will speed up the process.

Label the boxes

Other than packing all of your belongings, take a little time to label all the boxes and write their destination. This won’t take a lot of time, but it will be very helpful to the movers. Also, you should clearly label the boxes containing fragile items so that the movers know that they should treat them with extra care. Whether you’re working with residential or commercial movers Los Angeles, this simple step will make a world of a difference. Preparing all of your boxes is one of the most important parts of the moving day etiquette. 

Empty your drawers

As we’ve said, you should be completely ready for the move when the movers arrive and you should try and make their job a little bit easier for them. One of the ways of doing so is by emptying your drawers, desks, etc. Having your belongings inside the drawers makes is more difficult for the movers to carry the furniture, but it can also be a hazard.

A wooden chest of drawers - empty your drawers as part of the moving day etiquette
Before the movers arrive, make sure your dressers and drawers are emptied out.

That’s why the etiquette for moving day suggests emptying your drawers. In fact, some mover might even refuse to handle furniture that has things inside. If you have to leave the things inside, make sure to wrap them properly and secure them.

Figure out the parking space for the movers

When it comes to preparing for the movers’ arrival, it would be nice to make sure the movers will have a place to park their truck. It’s possible that your apartment building has a designated parking space or loading spot for the moving truck. However, if your neighborhood has shared parking, there are most likely rules that you have to follow. To avoid any uncomfortable situations and to prevent the movers from getting a parking ticket or a fine, you should research these rules and regulations in advance.

Make sure they have easy access

One of the most important rules of the moving etiquette is making sure the movers have enough space for maneuvering. The movers have to carry all of the boxes out of your home, so it would be good if they have enough room. Before the movers arrive, try to clear up your home and make sure they can move around and maneuver all the boxes and furniture. If possible, you can also reserve the elevator if you live in an apartment building.

Let them do their job

The reason you’re hiring local movers in the first place is that they have experience and know what they’re doing. They are here to make moving day go to plan and with no complications. So, if you really want them to make moving easier and less stressful for you, you should let them do their job. If you’re unsure how to behave around movers, just try and stay out of the way as much as possible. Trust that they have things under control.

Of course, you shouldn’t completely disappear on them. Be around to help them if they need you, but don’t get in the way. Also, don’t try to explain to them how they should do their own job. They are pros with years of experience, so just trust that you’re in good hands and try to relax.

Tip your movers

Many people find themselves wondering whether or not they should tip their movers. It’s up to you, but the truth is that it’s customary to tip them. It’s best to appropriately tip each of the movers.

A person holding dollar bills
If you are not sure if you should tip your movers, you have the freedom to decide for yourself.

If you’re satisfied with the services and the efficiency of the movers, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a tip as a reward for a job well done. The industry standard is tipping 5% of the total bill, but it’s up to you to decide how much you’ll give them. So, if you’re wondering what the moving day rules say about tipping movers, you’ll be pleased to hear that you’re free to decide.

Be friendly

Last but not least, another unspoken rule of the moving day etiquette is friendliness. Even if moving is stressful, you should do your best to treat the movers with kindness as they are here to help you. After all, being friendly and kind never hurt anyone. By keeping a smile on your face, you’ll make the atmosphere on moving day more pleasant and enjoyable.