Moving from West Covina to Studio City – how to pack your plants?

There is no doubt that plants are some of the most delicate items to relocate. If you are moving from West Covina to Studio City, and you’re moving your plants, there’s a proper way to pack them. There are many factors that will decide whether your plant will arrive safely at your new home. Too much watering, improper packing, and wrong handling during the moving day are just some of them. So, before hiring some of the best movers West Covina CA locals recommend, take a look at the following guide. Here are some tips you should consider when packing plants for your upcoming move.

house plant
Don’t forget to water your plants before the move.

Packing supplies you’ll need

Since plants are sensitive to changes in the environment, you will need to use specific packing supplies. Before moving from West Covina to Studio City, you should prepare the following supplies:

  • Cardboard boxes or plastic crates. When placing the pots inside of a box or a crate, make sure not to leave too much free space. This will prevent your plants from moving around or damaging during transportation.
  • Packing paper. No matter how big or small your plants are, packing paper will be the best supply you can use for moving them.
  • Packing tape – for securing the moving boxes and taping the paper around the plants.
  • A marker or a labeling device. If you are moving a larger number of plants, it will be easier to unpack them after labeling each moving box.

Packing plants for the move can be complicated, which is why you should prepare packing supplies in advance. A good moving company Studio City CA has to offer will let you know how to prepare and secure your plants for the move.

How to treat your plants during the moving day?

The right question is probably – when is the right time to start preparing your plants for a Studio City move? Moving from West Covina to Studio City is technically a local move, so your plants should be just fine during this short trip. Whether you decided to hire professional movers or just to rent the truck, you should handle your plants carefully during the moving day.

Moving plants can be complicated, but some movers can handle this process efficiently. Some moving companies will not accept this type of inventory. There are certain things you can expect from quality movers, so make sure to ask them about the plan moving process in advance.

small house plants in the pots
Some moving companies specialize in plants transportation.

Even though plants are sensitive and fragile, these tips might help you save them during the move:

  • A few days before the move, water your plants.
  • During the moving day, try to avoid any sudden temperature changes.

Moving from West Covina to Studio City can become a complication very quickly, especially if you don’t have a reliable moving company by your side. However, there are professional movers who have experience in handling plant transportation, so make sure to ask them for further details.