Moving in less than 10 days – how to prepare?

Moving, in general, can get very stressful, especially if it’s in a hurry. However, with some adjustments, it can be made easy. It’s difficult to squeeze a process that usually takes months into less than two weeks. But if you follow the advice we at Good Neighbors Moving Company will give you we’re sure you’ll manage. So here are just some tips that will make moving in less than 10 days look easy.

Moving in less than 10 days? Create a plan

There are two main reasons why people need to speed up their moving process. The first one is procrastination, while the second one is when they receive the notice late. For that reason, the best thing to do is stay calm and hire some of the moving companies Los Angeles county or create a plan if you’re moving without a moving company. Relocating in a rush means you don’t have months to organize, so stay focused on the most important things that matter to you. Another good piece of advice is to have a written plan. Having everything on paper will keep you focused in a hectic situation. And above all, with so little time, it’s best to start instantly.

A planner you need if you're moving in less than 10 days
Having a plan is a must when moving in less than 10 days

Gather packing supplies

If you’re moving in less than 10 days, you already know that time is extremely important. For that reason, your best move is to get what you need as fast as you can. Obviously, if you want to make the whole process easier, hiring packing services is a great idea. If on the other hand that isn’t an option, then you need to go around the neighborhood and search for moving boxes and other materials. Find out how much you need, and if you can pick up some more over that number. You can’t waste time by going to the store and asking for boxes multiple times.

Hire professional movers to speed up the process

If you’re in a hurry the best thing you can do is to hire professional and reliable movers. The safety and quality will be guaranteed and they will surely do a better job when moving than you’ll do. Above all, you won’t have the stress of thinking about everything all the time. For that reason, we recommend the services of residential movers Los Angeles as they are highly reputable and will get the job done.

Mover packing boxes quickly because the family is moving in less tha 10 days
Hiring professional movers will make all the stress go away

If you’re moving in less than 10 days you don’t need to pack everything

Now that you got all the moving boxes you need, it’s time to pack. But what do you really need to pack for your new home? Relocating is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of items that you don’t need anymore. For example, if you have clothes that you didn’t wear in a year maybe donating to charitable organizations isn’t a bad idea. Other items that can have value for somebody, you can easily sell online or in a garage sale. But the most important are the items that you’ll keep, so make a list to make sure you packed everything.

Whatever you’re doing, being in a rush will always mess up your focus. Especially when it comes to a delicate matter like moving in less than 10 days. Firstly you need to set up a plan of action, even if it seems like you’re out of time. After that, see what’s fit to relocate with you. You probably don’t want to carry old furniture, clothes, and outdated electronics in your new home. Of course, the easiest way to move is by hiring a moving company, but even if you move by yourself we wish you luck!