Moving to Alhambra as a student

Moving from home to another city is always stressful and challenging. But moving to Alhambra as a student is a whole new adventure. It is the best time of your life and you need to be prepared for everything that awaits you. Alhambra, CA is considered to be one of the 25 top places to live in the US.  Due to its proximity to Los Angeles, it offers a variety of activities. One of the best moving companies in California is here to tell you everything about your new relocation. Get ready to start you journey with us.

Be part of the diverse community

Located on the western side of the San Gabriel Valley, Alhambra is a calm and quiet city of about 85,000 people. It is considered to be much more diverse than any other US city. With a predominantly Asian and Hispanic population, you will make a lot of new friends here. Since Alhambra is bordered on the north by South Pasadena, a lot of moving companies South Pasadena has will help you out with your relocation if you ever decide to move again. You will find small apartment buildings with rental units for your new student life.

A girl moving to Alhambra as a student
Moving to Alhambra as a student is quite common due to its proximity to LA.

Live in Alhambra and study in LA

Alhambra is a suburb of Los Angeles and is one of the greatest places to live in California. It offers its residents a mixed feel of urban and suburban life and most residents rent their homes. A moving company Alhambra Ca has will relocate all of your belongings. In Alhambra there are a lot of restaurants, parks and coffee shops. If you decide to study in LA, this is a perfect place for you to live in, and escape from the daily bustle. After a long and busy day in LA, you may come here and have a peaceful evening. 

Pack in a strategic way

Don’t get too excited and overpack. Create a packing strategy and stick to it. Before moving to Alhambra as a student, create a list of items you want to bring with you and pack according to it. You will be living close to LA, so as you imagine, endless shopping opportunities. If you do struggle with it, you may hire movers who offer packing services and they will do everything for you instead. Make sure to include an essentials bag for the first few days until you settle.

Students sitting and chatting
Moving away from home to study offers you an amazing adventure and experience.

Share apartment with other students and save money

If you want to save money as every student wants, consider having a roommate. A lot of students live in Alhambra and you may talk to some of them about their living plans. This way you can reduce some living costs and not be lonely at the same time. Research a bit and look for housing options. Moving to Alhambra as a student does not have to be expensive if you organize in advance. You can share utility costs and even commute if you are going in the same direction.