Pasadena vs La Verne – which do college students prefer?

When it comes to choosing a place to live while studying, all students want to live in a place that has it all. This means that almost everyone prefers convenience over the crowd. However, everything depends on the habits and lifestyles of those students. Some prefer the crowd, partying, and non-stop occurrences. On the other hand, there are students who only came there to study and to build their careers from the bottom up. Nevertheless, when talking about places college students prefer, it’s a tough choice to draw the line between La Verne and Pasadena. So, we will do our best to explain which one suits students more – Pasadena vs La Verne? And, everyone planning on moving there will be lucky to get a chance for help from Good Neighbors Moving Company. You’d want to move stress-free.

College student writing down in his notebook
Both cities are made for students looking for peace and quiet while studying.

Why do college students choose Pasadena or La Verne?

If you’re a college student or soon to become one, you must be excited about your life to come. Being in college opens a new chapter in your book. That is the chance to meet so many people and potentially friends for life. Additionally, you will be able to learn so many things in and out of college which will serve you as a great life experience. Depending on the way of life you choose for yourself, you can see life from a different perspective. Still, bear in mind that college is a one-time thing and you should seize that opportunity to show yourself in the best possible light.

Nevertheless, if you opt to live in any of these mentioned cities, you will definitely love it there. First of all, both of them are relatively small and family-oriented. Therefore, if you’re coming to live in either Pasadena or La Verne, you will not be tempted to part while studying. Although Pasadena is more populated, both cities are small and the people living there are friendly and welcoming. This means that you will definitely feel positive vibes from the start. However, make sure to contact local movers LA to get you to your future home because no one knows both these cities as much as our movers do.

Which is better for college students – Pasadena vs La Verne?

To answer the question of what city is better – Pasadena vs La Verne, we need to count down all the features that make both these cities perfect for living. That is not easy since both are made for students. That, of course, is if you’re coming to study and not to party. However, if you’re attending a college party and coming home, you will be glad to avoid all the crowd and business and go home to lay down in your warm bed. Nothing beats that peace.

If we start from Pasadena, we can say it’s a small city with a big city’s vibes. There is simply so much you can do with your friends and family if they come to visit. From having friendly neighbors to finding everything you need within 20 minutes, you will be very happy. The food is great so you will be able to have date nights in some very cozy restaurants or simply go out with your friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

On the other hand, there is the city of La Verne. This one is a bit smaller than Pasadena but as lovely. If you like afternoon strolls down the local parks and enjoying good food, La Verne is the place for you. However, there aren’t so many places you can buy cute clothes in. However, neighbors are friendly and the city police are very active and community-engaged. You will enjoy your life there all in all.

College students talking
You will meet a lot of new people.

What makes Pasadena stand out from the rest?

Pasadena vs La Verne, what’s the main difference? Well, probably in the fact that Pasadena is a bit larger than La Verne. Still, the main difference lies within the places you can visit while staying there. Before you start thinking about these beautiful sights, make sure you contact our Pasadena moving company. They know this city better than anyone and will definitely give you a hand.

So, here are some beautiful sights and places to visit in Pasadena:

  • Tournament House and Wrigley Gardens
  • Eaton Canyon Nature Center
  • The Gold Bug
  • Norton Simon Museum
  • The Rose Bowl Stadium
  • The Pasadena Symphony and POPS

Is La Verne a better city for college students?

On the other hand, we can say something more about La Verne and the places you can visit there while staying. Regardless of what you think of the size of this city, it is just as big to fit in your heart. Also, you should let La Verne moving companies help you move there since no one knows this place better than them.

Still, here are some gorgeous places you can visit in La Verne:

  • Raging Waters Los Angeles
  • NHRA Motorsports Museum
  • Puddingstone Reservoir
  • RailGiants Train Museum
  • Marshall Canyon Trail
Friends walking down the street
You can enjoy walks through your city after a long day of studying.

Pasadena vs La Verne – the ultimate choice

Ultimately, when comparing Pasadena vs La Verne, we can say it’s up to you to decide. Pasadena is slightly more expensive to live in when looking at housing costs. On the other hand, the income is greater in Pasadena which makes this difference logical. Additionally, transportation costs are slightly higher in La Verne. But in this city, you won’t actually need transport. The only place you’ll need to get to is your college. Overall, both these cities are great places to live. The state of California is huge and it’s hard to find a place in this state that is like these two. That is why finding these cities is bliss.

The final decision is up to you. As we said, these cities are similar and both of them are handmade for college students. You will have all the quiet you need to study and you can take evening walks in the meantime. So, when we say Pasadena vs La Verne, it’s actually your choice after all.