Post-move activities to explore in Arcadia CA

In the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, you can find historically rich city Arcadia. Arcadia is a city in Los Angeles County, California that offers so many activities to explore.  Arcadia is in an excellent location if you are looking to move. In other words, it is a community of homes. When moving to Arcadia look for affordable movers Los Angeles to make your relocation more comfortable. From Arcadia, you can easily make day trips to surrounding areas. Drive south to downtown Los Angeles for a more urban feel, it is only 30 minutes away. For example, you can hop over to Pasadena and Burbank, Arcadias lovely neighbors. Arcadia is one of the most diverse cities in Southern California and is home to a number of sights, attractions, and restaurants that reflect that. Here are some activities you shouldn’t miss.

Santa Anita Park is one of the first activities to explore in Arcadia!

Against the backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains is situated one of the biggest landmarks in Arcadia – the Santa Anita Race Park.  Horse racing is definitely a central theme in Arcadia. The Santa Anita Race Park is one of the most beautiful thoroughbred flat race tracks in the hole world. Many prestigious events are held here such as Santa Anita Derby, Santa Anita Handicap and the Breeders’ Cup. No matter if you are into horse racing or not, the stunning race track will lure you in regardless. The Santa Anita Park transforms into the Santa Anita Carnival on Memorial weekend. You can enjoy thrilling rides, delicious carnival snacks, challenging carnival games.

horses, race
Horse racing is one of the top activities to explore in Arcadia!

Seabiscuit Tour

The Seabiscuit Tour is something you need to check out. So if you haven’t seen the movie Seabiscuit or haven’t heard of the horse, then you need to rent the movie as soon as possible before taking this tour in order to get the full experience. Seabiscuit was a racehorse during the great depression era. He acted as a symbol of hope to many Americans because of his humble start and how he became an unlikely champion. The tour will have you board a tram and take you to Seabiscuit’s original stall and barn. Here you can see where they filmed the movie and you can meet the famous horse actor who played him for a very unique experience.

Enjoy the beauty of Angeles National Forest

The Forest is one of the few remaining open space areas in Southern California.  The forest is an important part of the overall health and well being of the area population. It provides open space, solitude from the everyday stress of modern living, a place to conduct research, a haven for wildlife, and offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities.

Angeles National Forest can be found in Arcadia within the Sierra Pelona Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains. The national forest, which is now a California Historical Landmark, was established in 1908. You can spend your time hiking or mountain biking through the many trails and exploring the five designated wilderness areas: Cucamonga Wilderness, Magic Mountain Wilderness, San Gabriel Wilderness, and Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Other aspects include several designated picnic areas, manicured campgrounds, and wonderful ski areas that are open to the public in the winter.

You can explore nature after moving to Arcadia


Santa Anita Canyon

The Santa Anita Canyon is a scenic natural area with verdant forests, a sparkling creek, and a network of hiking trails. When you relocate here you can go hiking every day.  Hikers can take in views of waterfalls and other natural features. Santa Anita Canyon is one of the most beautiful areas of the San Gabriels, full of varied landscapes and a dependable 50-foot waterfall – Sturtevant Falls – which doesn’t take all that long to get to. In conclusion, you can enjoy hiking here and enjoy the feeling of being one with nature.


Visit 626 Night Market

626 Night Market is full of food, entertainment, and fashion. 626 Night Market is a large shopping area. However, it only happens during the summertime and is held monthly. Inspiration is the markets of Taipei. 626 Night Market is the largest Asian night market in the Los Angeles area. Over 200 vendors are at the market, and there are special entertainment events held throughout the week. This market perfectly represents Asian culture and gives it a California twist. Therefore, make sure you come on an empty stomach to try all the tasty stall offerings!

man cooking
Enjoy food at 626 Night Market


Downtown Arcadia

Downtown Arcadia has it all. Its fun, it’s friendly. The Santa Anita Park Infield transforms into the Santa Anita Carnival on Memorial weekend. Bring the family out to enjoy thrilling rides, delicious carnival snacks, challenging carnival games, and more. So when you look for movers Arcadia CA who can help you relocate to this beautiful city look for movers who can fulfill all your demands.


Most popular activities to explore in Arcadia with kids?

There are so many different activities to explore here with your kids. Therefore, kids cant be bored in Arcadia, that is nearly impossible.  Here are the top 5 things to do in Arcadia with kids are:

  • Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden/ Here your kids can explore colorful and exotic plants from all over the world. The Arboretum is an official wildlife sanctuary
  • DreamLab Gaming- Kids here can have a fun time. Is a food atmosphere for gaming.
  • Wilderness Park-. The park is very clean. Most importantly, tent camping is available with a reservation. Wildlife is present.
  • Arcadia Historical Museum

Arcadia has won an award for the most business-friendly city in 2017. Arcadia’s history gives this city a nice charm that will take you back to the Rancho period. To sum up, here you can get the best of both worlds with community, history, and nature all on in one. The beautiful grounds have an even more gorgeous backdrop of the California Mountains.