Reasons why your Pasadena home is not selling

Do you know how long is too long when your home isn’t selling? You are not sure. What is happening? Despite plans and hopes, your home would sell quickly, the reality is different. Why?  We at moving company Los Angeles are taking a look at common reasons why your Pasadena home is not selling and ways to overcome them.

Reasons why your Pasadena home is not selling
If your house is not selling after two months think about your asking price, estate agent, and curb appeal

Pasadena prices

Are the high cost of living and housing the main reasons your house isn’t selling? No, it isn’t. If you can find work in Pasadena or LA you can afford to live there. So, the median household value in Pasadena is $648,000, which is more than triple the national median but this seems not to be a problem. The majority of people here pay between $500,000-$700,000 for their Pasadena homes. Many are worth over $1 Million. What other elements are there in the price of a house for sale? There is a real estate agent’s commission, search cost, marketing cost, the conveyancer’s fee, the stamp duty, and rates and taxes. The agent commissions vary. The range goes from a minimum of 1.5 % to a maximum of 4%. After selling you will most probably want to hire a Pasadena moving company to get help with your move.

Your Pasadena home is not selling – check the following

  • Curb appeal – First impressions are so important when buying a house. Many homeowners say curb appeal was important in their choice of home. So, keep your front garden and driveway tidy, make the effort to clean windows and doors, gather the leaves,  declutter the house surroundings, organize rubbish removal if you have it even in the smallest quantities. Don’t forget the interior of the house.  Do your best to make your home clean and tidy. Make sure that it stays pet and child-free when prospective buyers come. Not literally of course, but try to keep them occupied in one place. Keep the noise low at all times when you have people looking around. That way they will be able to picture themselves as owners more easily, you will sell it in no time and then need a reliable moving company to do what follows.

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Other reasons your Pasadena home is not selling

  • Good photos – Almost everyone starts their search for the house online. Make sure to have good, appealing photos as unattractive photos will make buyers turn to sites with better photos of the houses. 
  • The asking price isn’t right – If 2 months have passed by without any inquires, the prospects of selling your house at the stated price are very low. Your house is probably overpriced and hiring a moving studio city, CA  is still far away. Think about changing the price after 2 months.
  • The agent isn’t doing a good job – If you feel that your estate agent isn’t making enough effort to sell your house, be frank with him/her and tell them what’s on your mind and heart. Make your agent be in touch with feedback on viewings and progress. 

Selling your home can be tough! Reasons, why your Pasadena home is not selling can be numerous. Don’t lose hope, you just have to work harder on promoting your property and the sale will naturally follow as it always does. Don’t worry, everything is going to be ok.