Risks with cheap storage rental solutions

We are all trying to save money here and there. That is simply how life is. You save where you can and you spend where you must. Simple as that. However, there are always risks involved when we want to save money at the expense of quality. Take storage solutions, for example. The are many risks with cheap storage units, such as data breaches, environmental risks, hidden costs, and convenience, to name a few. The best thing to do is to simply contact Good Neighbors Moving Company and ask them for advice. This company prides itself on providing the best advice to their customers, regardless of the profits.

But let’s talk about risks inherent in cheap storage options. First, we need to figure out:

What are the risks with cheap storage rental?

There are many risks that cheap storage units may incur. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Data breaches and identity theft
  • Risks with cheap storage – Lack of organization
  • Be aware of environmental risks
  • Hidden costs are one of the risks with cheap storage
  • Convenience
  • Ask your professional mover for storage options!
One of the biggest risks – security data breach!

Data breaches and identity theft

With low cost comes low security. It stands to reason if your storage unit is so cheap that you simply can’t afford to pay for proper security, you will have shoddy one. And this increases the risk of a data breach and identity theft. For some people, it is a child’s play to enter the systems and facilities of these storage options. And once they have access to all of your stuff and information, it is easy for them to create a ton of problems in your name. Read up on 4 lasting effects of identity theft if you want to know more about what kind of danger this is. All in all, it is quite serious and you need to consider if you are prepared to take that risk in order to save a bit of money.

Granted, the risk of that happening to you is not really huge, but it is there. It is up to you if you want to take that risk.

Risks with cheap storage – Lack of organization

Cheap storage units are, unlike quality storage units Los Angeles, suffering from a lack of organization. There is simply no one that is paid to deal with it, so very little organization happens in these storage units. You may be in a situation that you absolutely need to get inside the unit but you can’t because the key to the front door of the building is with someone’s nephew who had to go get a tattoo and is indisposed for the moment. Or something along those lines. Bottom line is that no one even cares about the proper organization, the money is simply not there. Even some high-end corporations severely lack in organization procedures, let alone some cheap storage units.

Lack of organization is also one of the risks with cheap storage rental.

Be aware of environmental risks

Of course, when something is cheap, there is a risk of it being shoddy, as well. And, in the world of storage units, shoddy means free reign for the environment. Heavier rainfalls might compromise the items inside, weeds can creep in, perhaps even small animals, it all depends on what kind of a storage unit it is and where it is. The general rule of thumb is the less it costs, the less protected from the environment it is. It does stand to reason, as you can’t expect to get high quality for a pittance. You can get good quality storage units for a good price, though. But if you are dealing with really cheap storage options, then quality is the first thing that suffers.

Hidden costs are one of the risks with cheap storage

And, of course, there can be a lot of hidden costs, that’s why you should try to find affordable movers to assist you with the storage problem, They can stem from the storage owners themselves to the costs that you will need to incur in order to make a safe place for your belongings. When it comes to the storage unit owners, they may offer you one price at the beginning but then start to charge for something else, such as added security. You can’t blame them, really, as they are trying to get the maximum out of their property, even if it is a bit roundabout way. Make sure to ask them if there might be any additional costs before you sign the lease. If you even want to go that route, that is.

And, of course, there may be costs associated with your items while they are in the storage unit. You may need to purchase some nylon sheets to protect your stuff from the rain, or you may need rat poison, it all depends on what kind of a storage unit it is and how much you are paying for it.

Hidden costs – one of the risks with cheap storage rental.


And another thing that you absolutely can not expect from cheap storage options is convenience. You can, actually, expect it to be quite inconvenient. Usually, these storage units are located in an area that is not that easy to reach. Add to that the availability of people who have to deal with and you quickly realize the situation. You will most likely have to announce your visits ahead of time, perhaps even several days ahead. And even then, you are not sure that the person will not have a bad day and say “You know what, I can’t be there today, my cat is having a vasectomy”. All in all, you will have to deal with it, as you are simply not paying enough money for someone to care and that is the ugly truth.

Ask your professional mover for storage options!

Finally, with all this said, the best way to go about finding a storage solution is to contact your moving company. They will have some solutions of their own, which will most likely be sufficient for your needs, or they can point you in the right direction. Not all cheap storage units are rat-infested dens of evil and they will be able to point you to those that are not.