Should you feed your movers?

There is a lot that you need to worry about when moving. From packing up your stuff to getting the best movers Studio City CA has to offer, you can feel that you have your hands full. Sadly, a lot of people stress themselves even more with hundreds of small details that, sometimes, they should not even be worrying about! For example, you might be wondering if you should feed your movers. Believe us, you are not alone! We get this question every once in a while. This is why today, we take a deeper dive into it – and give you an answer!

Talk to your company about whether or not to feed your movers

Whatever question you have, the best policy is to always talk to your movers. The same goes for feeding your movers. There are no rules that will tell you not to do it – or that you have to do it. However, there are companies that will discourage their workers from accepting any food or beverage you have to offer.

stop sign
The company needs to allow you to feed your movers.

So, before you start planning a nice meal for the people moving you, talk to your company. If you get the approval, then make sure you also talk to your elite movers about what they can eat. Remember to make sure no one is allergic to the food you are serving! Of course, it goes without saying to stay away from any alcoholic beverages if you do decide to serve drinks!

Offering food is nice during longer moves

Another question you might have is when to feed your movers. There is a great rule of thumb that you can use when deciding whether your move needs to have a food break or not. Basically, the estimated amount of time for the move will play a huge role here. If you will be moving for more than three or four hours, then you might want to get some food ready for your movers.

Anyone can get hungry in this time span – let alone when they are carrying the boxes around! Similarly, you can feed your movers when you sit down to have a meal yourself. It can be awkward sitting down to have a meal while there are people doing their best to move you all around you.

people eating
Make sure to share your food!

What’s more, offering food to your movers can be a great way to speed up your move. If they have a lunch break, your movers might have to go get their own food or eat somewhere else. They will spend time traveling to a restaurant and then getting back to your home. When you feed your movers, they can get food on site! This speeds up the whole process and your movers will be grateful for it!