Should you retire in West Covina?

If you are thinking about moving to California, and most of us do, we are now giving you the greatest reasons to choose to retire in West Covina. Sunny blue skies for almost a whole year might be an excellent choice if you are tired of the gloomy weather and those warm days are definitely something this suburban city is known for. Being a safe and small place to live in, West Covina also has a great diversity in the population. With just around 100,000 people living there, this calm city offers a lot of fun things to do and spend the rest of your life here by just enjoying it. Are you interested yet? Let’s hear what Good Neighbors Moving Company has to say about this place.

Consider the high cost of living

The average cost of living in West Covina (or California in general) is very high. Yes, people make more money but they also spend more. The cost of the family move to LA and West Covina both can be pretty high without proper organization and professional help. Choose your location wisely because cities near the ocean are more expensive and you need to save every penny if you want to buy or rent a house anywhere here.

senior's hands holding the stick
Retiring in West Covina should be a great choice if you are looking for group activities

After you settle and get used to high gasoline prices, other costs are not so different from other places in the United States.

Tons of activities are waiting for you when you retire in West Covina

California is such a large state and there are surely pros and cons of moving to this popular state. The important thing here is that the location of West Covina gives you the opportunity to get to interesting events while traveling close. That is the life everybody wants to live. Retirement should be fun and West Covina definitely can bring joy to your day-to-day activities. With an envious number of senior communities and services, you can find recreation classes and summer camps just around the corner. Since the city has at least 10-15 parks to enjoy in, you can get together with your friends and throw outdoor parties, events, or barbecues if you want to organize a heartwarming party away from your actual home.

Long Beach is in your neighborhood

You should quickly get used to that hot weather during the whole year. Considering the location of Long Beach that won’t be the issue – the flying distance is just 25 miles. If you choose to travel by car, you will need around 40 minutes of driving at an average speed of 40-50 mph. Long walks are surely very pleasant when your feet are touching the ocean, but also plenty of recreational options could be found – fishing, swimming, or even beach yoga. Nature lover’s dream doesn’t stop here – 64 miles of the bikeway gives a wonderful opportunity for elderly activities. Retiring to West Covina with the beach this close could benefit the good quality of life.

senior woman riding a bike
Cycling can prevent serious diseases like stroke or depression

Gardening is your next move

If you are a plant lover, keep in mind to look for a place where you can build a fresh new garden. The real estate in West Covina has a wide range of prices, depending on your wishes. Take a look at some houses that are for sale at the moment:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths – $670,000
  • 3 bedrooms, 3 baths – $480,000
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bath – $350,000

The prices can vary a lot if the place needs renovations, but things like this can be a good guide for thinking to retire in the city of West Covina. If you plan your moving budget carefully, you will save money. That way you will have more options when it comes to housing. Choose the place that has enough room in the yard for wonderful plants you’re about to grow there.

Why it is a good idea to choose gardening when you retire? This enjoyable activity needs time. People who are working might not have enough to dedicate their energy to the plants. Seniors are great at gardening and usually choose this form of exercise to keep the mobility and flexibility of their muscles, reduce stress, or even prevent diseases like osteoporosis. Improve your strength simply by decorating the outdoors and water and taking care of the plants on a daily basis.

Other things to do: inside or out

Let’s say that you are not so adventurous and looking for some calm things to do. Do all of those things below while holding a glass of wine:

  • A lot of parks – you can take care of your grandkids or your inner child. There are lots of places to gather together with your friends.
  • Hollywood – when you retire in West Covina, you must choose one day to visit Hollywood and take it off your bucket list. Take the evening show and come back to your home satisfied and with something new to talk about.
  • Recycling programs – the state of California has strong environmental regulations and is always looking for volunteers that will raise awareness. There are things you can do from home to help taking care of the environment.
two seniors sitting in the park thinking if they should retire in West Covina
Retiring in West Covina is fun with all of the nature that is surrounding you

Everything is close, including your friends

Do you want to throw a karaoke party? Dancing, board games, bird-watching, arts & crafts, or even a simple Sunday lunch – your friends will be there in minutes and you will have a lot of time to spend on chatting, playing, or just singing. You can also find professional movers West Covina CA that are close and can help you with relocation.

After so many years of working and dealing with stressful situations, one can be tired and in need of special nutrition. We need to gain that extra energy during the day. West Covina is a good place to retire because of the great variety of healthy and fresh food that is easy to get because of the pleasant weather. Plants like growing in California and the markets are just around the corner. This combo gives you the most flavorful experience ever. Especially during summer!

Furthermore, when we are talking about easy access, we should necessarily mention wine, cheese, and seafood. Some of the most famous wine producers are really close. You should definitely use that as a reason to retire in West Covina, a city in amazing California.