Smaller cities in LA County your kids will love

You decided on moving to one of the smaller cities in LA County to raise your family. It is a wise choice indeed. The environment your kids grow up in should be safe and family-friendly. So, let’s find one for you. But before we do, remember that you should organize, pack, and find reliable movers Los Angeles to assist you. Therefore, we will cover a bit of everything and help you find your new neighborhood and prepare to move there at the earliest. Let’s take a look.

You should be ready to relocate as soon as you choose one of the smaller cities in LA County

Once you find a match, you should organize your relocation. The goal is to have a safe and affordable one and secure a seamless transition. And what better way to do it than to enlist professional and reliable Pasadena movers. You will find your movers online soon enough. But what makes a huge difference is the perks they bring. Therefore, you should inspect your moving company and confirm they possess the following:

  • Online presence
  • License to work
  • Tools and equipment
  • Proper moving vehicle

Also, read moving reviews and find feedback from previous customers. Other user’s experience is valuable and it can tell you a lot about the moving company you are dealing with. Now, once you find yours, give them a call when you are ready and communicate the details further.

A Hollywood sign on the hill
WeHo is the place to be. Bring your whole family and start exploring.

Small and secluded Hawaiian Gardens

We begin our journey to smaller cities in LA County, if not the smallest of them all, the Hawaiian Gardens. This city is the perfect place to raise your kids. And what’s important, they’ll love it! This place has less than 15k people and around 30% is younger than 18. Just imagine having a bunch of little ones running all over the place. Your kids will have many friends, amazing educational opportunities, enough playgrounds, and many sports activities throughout the year. Check this one out for sure.

Classy West Hollywood

Somewhere between the city of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, you’ll find the city of West Hollywood. This means you are within walking distance and minutes away from anything your heart desires. But remember, you already have it all here in WeHo. You and your kids will love all the shopping, amazing restaurants, malls, and playgrounds. Of course, depending on the age of your child, you might want to check out the Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood design district, and Sunset strip. You’ll find a lot there. On the other note, this place has top-notch schools, infrastructure, transportation, and public service. All in all, a hip but safe place to be in.

The lovely Hermosa Beach

As the name clearly states, this one is located on the California coast. This means you are minutes away from the beach. Clearly, this would be the main event for you and the children. Although, it is not all about the beach. Here you’ll find plenty of playgrounds and green lush areas for your family and kids. Hence, you will always have something to do on the weekend. Furthermore, you have plenty of job opportunities, schools, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and a rich nightlife. But despite the fact that this is a beach full of young people, it is still one of the safest small cities in California. Pay it a visit at least to feel the vibe we are desperately trying to describe here. Spend the day on the beach and you will fall in love with the place.

the beach area in one of the smaller cities in LA County
Who wouldn’t like to live near the beach? You can do it sooner than you think in the smaller city in LA County

And the last among the smaller cities in LA County is Bradbury

This one is slightly bigger than West Hollywood but twice the size compared to our first two candidates. What is funny about City of Bradbury, is that it has only around 1000 residents. The reason for this is the huge estates and lots no smaller than 5 acres. The whole environment located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains is designed to be either a horse ranch or a farm. And it still holds this vibe today. And for such a spacious lot you must bring an adequate budget as well. Nature is amazing and this is definitely a place to raise a bunch of little ones. They will love it for sure. Although, if you want to hit some serious shopping or a night out, you should consider visiting the city of Monrovia, Azusa, or Duarte.

The list can be extensive and go on forever. But we decided to pick a few among the best smaller cities in LA County for you to choose from. Hopefully, we made a difference and you’ll make your choice fairly easy. If you have found a match, start packing and contact your Burbank movers as soon as possible. Snatch your moving date and secure your relocation and a new chapter in your life. Good luck and have a wonderful journey.