Southern California for newcomers – what everyone should know

Like every part of California in the southern part, you can also enjoy the weather, the beaches, and many other things. However, there is something special when it comes to Southern California. That’s why there are many moving companies in Southern California that are working day and night on relocating people there. But we want to help the Southern California newcomers to adapt to their new environment. Here are some things you can expect when moving here.

Southern California for newcomers -You’ll need a car to get around

As a big state like California, you’ll surely need a car to get around. The same goes for Southern California as its public transportation isn’t really great. If you’re coming from major cities in the US you won’t like Southern California as you’ll be very limited without a car. Even if you ask our local movers they will tell you that the roads are built for transportation by car. They seem wide and it looks like you’re a tiny part of traffic when you drive somewhere in California in general.

A busy road
You won’t get far without a car in Southern California

Enjoy the sun

What would an article about Southern California look like without mentioning the beautiful weather? For that reason, if you’re new here enjoy the sun. You’re lucky as many people would like to trade places with you. Our long-distance movers already know the story. Southern California is one of the places in the US with the most sunshine during the year.  Even rain is a rare event and snow and low temperatures aren’t really a thing here.

Southern California for newcomers – Enjoy the fun

You really can’t enjoy Southern California as a newcomer if you don’t relax and have fun. There’s something for everybody. Be it that you like farmers markets or enjoying the beach you can’t get enough fun. There are many people hiring moving services Los Angeles just to take them to Southern California for all the restaurants and nightclubs it has to offer. It’s really a unique experience and you just can’t miss it.

Friends enjoying drinks
Don’t forget to have fun in your own way

If you’re a dog lover you’ll love Southern California

Do you love dogs? Then Southern California is for you newcomers!  Above all, there are many parks and dog-friendly places and you just won’t be able to get away from them. If you have a dog it will feel like heaven in Southern California. However, you might want to be a bit cautious as many people let their dogs off the leash so it can get uncomfortable at times. Of course, pet the dogs and there’s no need to be scared, but a little caution won’t hurt.

Southern California is a great place for newcomers as it offers a lot of things to do. From the best beaches and the beautiful sun to the nightclubs and other fun activities, it’s hard not to say that people who live in Southern California aren’t lucky. Of course with all the California rules and regulations it’s also a very expensive place to live, however, we’re sure you’ll find more pros than cons in living here.