Summer maintenance tips for your LA home

When summer comes, you want to relax and chill with your friends and family and enjoy all the fun activities good weather can offer. Moving companies in Southern California would join you too, but they are overwhelmed with work during summer. Either you want to rent your property or sell it or your house needs a few touch-ups, summer is actually the best time to start thinking about doing that. Therefore, if you are looking for summer maintenance tips for your LA home, you are in right place.

Find out where to start with this summer maintenance tips for your LA home

This is the part where checklists become helpful. First of all, ask yourself if there is any damage around your house that you keep postponing fixing. Write them down. Then, look around your home – is there anything that you would like to improve? Write that down. After that, check the backyard and do the same. You will end up your list based on your judgment. We are here to remind you in case you forgot anything important. Here are our summer maintenance tips for your LA home.

  • Start with big things
  • Check your home appliances
  • Do the big summer cleaning
  • Don’t forget the backyard

    Painting house is one of the summer maintenance tips for your LA home
    The outside appearance is an important step of summer maintenance tips for your LA home

Start with big things when maintaining your summer home

One of the biggest chores around the house is whitewashing, inside and outside. Give your house a beautiful fresh coat of paint and get it ready for summer barbeques and gatherings. If you are interested in selling your house and looking for moving quotes in Los Angeles, keep in mind that the exterior could be crucial for the buyer’s decision. And if you are only looking for summer renovation tips for your LA home, you will surely enjoy it more during hot summer days if you give it a new look.

Check your home appliances

When the painting of the house is done you can check all the appliances. See if anything needs repair. Do a little inspection around, and check your refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. Check if there is anything clogged and look for leaks. If needed, unclog the coils on your refrigerator and clean them thoroughly. Don’t forget about the HVAC system and cleaning ducts and vents. If you are feeling insecure about repairing this stuff, call a professional to maintain them for you. It may be boring but it might save you money in the future if you do these check-ups on time. Make sure not to skip this important step when you start with maintaining your summer home.

Checking home appliances is important for summer maintaining
Leakage and clogging might disturb your summer plans so make sure to check it

Summer cleaning

Cleaning is one more tip in a row when it comes to summer maintenance for your LA home. Take everything out and make sure that every corner of your house is sparkling clean. You should do that big clean at least once a year and summer is the best time for it. You can remove all the furniture, put it outside while you focus on cleaning. During this process, you will maybe be in need of storage units Los Angeles, depends on how much stuff do you have.


It may be the most important area for your summer. You will spend most of your days in there, so make it cozy. Make sure that grass is not greener in your neighbor’s yard. Do a little gardening. It could be a relaxing activity for you and your family. Decorate your sitting area by adding new furniture and some new plants and flowers. We all know how mosquitos can be mood killers during long summer nights, so ensure using repellents and sprays all over your yard. We are sure that once you are done with summer maintenance tips for your LA home you can sit in your chair, grab a drink and finally relax!