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R Rima A.
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I have not moved in 20 years, but when I did, I was fortunate to have the Dream Team of Gus (foreman), Elijah, and Oscar. They were on time, professional, and hard working. They handled a 26-foot truck on a narrow hillside road, and they were detailed in breaking down and setting up my TV. Highly recommend!

G Gregory V.
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Matt and his team are AMAZING!!! I called Matt only 2-days before my move and he was able to make it happen. He picked up right away and was very very nice and patient explaining everything to me. Matt was also very responsive up to moving day. I had 2-movers, Nesben and Marcus, and they were super cool guys. They were extremely friendly, but got down to business when they arrived. The toughest part about the move was my couch, as it was hard to maneuver it through my old place. Despite all the struggles, they kept their spirits up and did not complain at all. It was also just fun chatting them up. At the end of the job, I called Matt and there was a slight misunderstanding in price. HOWEVER, Matt was nice enough to price in my favor, so that is much appreciated. HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)

D Donna l.
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They helped me move recently and were extremely professional. They showed up right on time and the whole move was done without a glitch! I was worried about my armoire and record player, but it all arrived intact. What a great service. Highly recommend to anyone moving.

D Daniel P.
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Very friendly, very professional, did a great job with our move. Will definitely use them again in the future.

L Laura H.
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February 3, 2020

The guys at Good Neighbors did a wonderful job helping me move! They were up to the task of moving a 4 bdrm house with lots of heavy and delicate items. They took great care and nothing was damaged or broken. Staff was super friendly and professional, I highly recommend!

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