The ultimate Los Angeles relocation guide

Beautiful beaches, palm trees, and nice weather you now you will have if you move to Los Angeles, but this city offers much more. Los Angeles is a city with more than 4 million people and it is a melting pot on a grand scale. If you want to move to Los Angeles, you should also consider that life there is very special. People are open and friendly but also many relationships are superficial.  With the ultimate Los Angeles relocation guide, you will have a closer look at some of the things you should consider before moving here.

Get a Car

Public transport in LA is far from perfect. That is why if you are planning to move to LA you should definitely purchase a car. Getting around the city in public transportation can be a nightmare. The Metro runs through Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Long Beach, and Hollywood. With busses, much of the remaining areas are covered. Nevertheless, it is hard to rely on public transportation and is usually quite time-consuming. The reason for that is that there are so many cars are on the road. The daily traffic jams are notorious, and it can happen that you can spend a large part of your day just trying to get from one place to another. Having a car can also ease your move to LA, but also by hiring a reliable moving company Los Angeles you will have one thing less to worry about.

The ultimate Los Angeles relocation guide will provide valuable information
You should also know that LA is also called The Car Capital of the World.

Los Angeles weather

The first thing to consider before moving to LA is the weather. If you love a warm climate and many sunny days, then this is a perfect place for you. The city is in the subtropical climate zone. Therefore, the temperature differences do not vary very high from season to season. The maximum temperature in summer averages 80 Fahrenheit and in winter 64 Fahrenheit. However, summers can be very hot from time to time. There is no classic rainy season in Los Angeles, yet almost all of the rain falls between November and March. On average there are 60 raining days in LA. The remaining time, May to October, has almost no rain in most years. The warmest month is August. You should not expect to see snow. Therefore, if you love heat, this is of course exactly the perfect thing for you.

Different LA neighborhood

Los Angeles offers a variety of different neighborhoods, where you can relocate with the help of a dependable moving services Los Angeles, in this Los Angeles relocation guide  are just some of them:

  • Downtown LA– in recent years this area undergone some transformations. It became a cool and desirable neighborhood to live in for people looking for more of an urban lifestyle.
  • Hollywood– is one of those places in the world that needs no introduction. That is why it is usually pretty full of tourists and traffic, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something on the quieter side.
  • Los Feliz– is situated on the lower slopes of the beautiful Griffith Park, the Los Feliz is the neighborhoods pretty hard to beat. It’s worth exploring Los Feliz on foot.
  • Silver Lake– is a paradise for hipsters.  Silver Lake is a trendy neighborhood on the east side. It’s north of downtown and east of Hollywood, giving residents easy access to both. Silver Lake has long been called as one of LA’s coolest areas.
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There is an unwritten rule that you should spend no more than thirty percent of your net income on rent.

Consider the cost of living in LA

When deciding to move to Los Angeles you should, of course, consider the cost of living here. Approximately the median cost for a one-bedroom apartment in LA is around $2,300. These prices explain why nearly half of adults living in Los Angeles have one or more roommates. You can find an online guide on how to find an apartment in LA. The basic monthly utility bill for a 900 square foot apartment in LA is approximately $100.00. Also, food in Los Angeles is significantly more expensive than the national average. And if you decide to have a meal in a restaurant the average cost of a mid-range meal for two people in LA is around $60.  As we already said having a car is almost a necessity. As a car owner in Los Angeles, your highest expenses, apart from the car itself, are car insurance and gas.

Living in LA with your kids

Many people claim this is the best place to raise your kids. One is certain with so many opportunities kids will never be bored. While some aspects of LA life might become more of a challenge, and more expensive, with your kids. There are a lot of neighborhoods around Los Angeles that are great for families. Some of them are even the top in the country for schools and safety. Los Angeles is home to some of the best museums, zoos, beaches, and parks. t is a great area to raise a family. There are so many things to see and do all year round. Here you can find very good schools. But do your research because there are also not so good schools and some unsafe areas.

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Moving can be easier and without any stress for you with the Los Angeles relocation guide!

So the elite movers just did its last task. You are all settled in, and all your belongings are unpacked, it is time for you to enjoy. Take a walk down your new neighborhood and check out some places you will visit later on. Find your new favorite coffee place or a grocery store. This is one step closer to feeling like home. Take your time. We hope this Los Angeles relocation guide has helped you. And remember there is something for everyone in Los Angeles.