Tipping your moving crew – should you do it

If you didn’t travel a lot you might be surprised to learn that tipping is not a worldwide tradition. For example, there are countries in which you are not really expected to tip, or where tipping should only be around 5% of the bill. Furthermore, you might be surprised to hear that there are even places where tipping is considered to be offensive! However, the moving industry is not such a place. Tipping can occur in the US moving industry. Therefore, you ought to ask yourself – should you be tipping your moving crew, and if so, how much exactly?

Should you tip your moving crew?

So, should you tip? Well, many people know that you should probably tip if you go to a restaurant. The whole point of tipping is giving special thanks to the person of the service industry for their dedication to you, the customer. Here in the States, this is especially pronounced, as there are quotas that are most common for jobs, percentage calculators for tips, etc… However, what are you to do when you go into (on the individual bases) a rather scarcely used industry on the such as the moving industry. While millions of Americans move each year, there are no people who will move every week. With the service industry, you encounter so rarely, you can’t really know if and how you should tipping of your moving crew proceeds.

It is not just the moving crews to, but also storage units Los Angeles and other additional services. How do you go about tipping your moving crew? Well, you should know one thing. Answer to the question is yes, you definitely should tip your moving crew.

It is not an obligation, but these are people that are focusing on moving every single one of your possessions and relocating them to your new home when you are required to move in pursuit of education, job or happiness. They fill a rather important role, we would argue, and therefore moving crews deserve some recognition in the form of a tip!

Qualities worth tipping your moving crew over

So, you just finished moving your offices to L.A. via your commercial movers Los Angeles of choice. Now it is time to tip the moving crew before they leave. Will you do it? This is left to your own discretion. As we stated previously, it is not some kind of obligation, written or otherwise. However, there are some pointers we can give to you, things to look out for when trying to decide if the mover that you used is worth the additional money you would like to give to them.

Woman showing thumbs up
Are you happy with your movers? Why not tip?

If you are trying to find out if the movers are worth the tip, ask yourself – are they doing more than they have to, while still doing everything they need to? We are not trying to simplify it too much, but tipping your moving crew can come down to this in its simplest. You want the moving crews to do everything right. Handle fragile boxes with care, unpack boxes into proper rooms etc. That is something of a prerequisite. Furthermore, you want movers to show that they truly care. Doing things that are not necessarily in their job description, but that help out. These are things like going out of their way to make sure you know what route they will take, good with kids during a family relocation, etc.

With tipping, you are pretty much saying thank you to your movers and showing them an appreciation for truly caring about you during your ordeal.

Don’t tip if you are not pleased

From this comes another thing that has to be mention. Do not feel the need to tip if you are not happy with the service. Simple as that. If the movers didn’t do their job or did the bare minimum required for the relocation to be concerned done, you do not need to tip them. These are not people on part-time jobs, rather professionals in the field who are well paid. They will not miss your tips and see them only in the function of a bonus, not an expectation.

How much should you tip your team of movers?

If you are trying to gauge how much you should tip them, we think that tip calculator, with its long list of suggested percentages for various fields, will help. Here, however, are some general pointers. You should tip more for the move that lasted longer or was of greater distance. Also, if they handled things like jewelry moving, did well by the fragile items or some other additional service by the crew itself, they deserve a bigger tip.

Short on cash?

If you are short on cash, there are other ways to make sure the moving crew of (for example) residential movers Los Angeles. You can give them refreshments, offer to help, give them some time to rest, etc. These kinds of small gestures can help a lot. However, if you want to tip, do it with money. Don’t try to do a half measure by gifting things they didn’t ask for.

Leave a good review and a recommendation

Another option if you are cash-strapped is to put on some good reviews for your local movers Los Angeles of choice.

Reviews checkmarks
Should you leave a review? And if so, how?

There are a lot of reasons why you should do it, but here are three ways on how you should do it as an addition or alternative to tipping your moving crew:

  • Describe the whole experience. Was experience worth you tipping your moving crew, or was it lacking?
  • Be honest. Don’t try to sugar coat it. Be fair.
  • Why not use more than one platform? Yelp, Google or Facebook are all review platforms. Try using more than one to spread the good (or bad) word.

To conclude

Let us now conclude. You definitely can and should be tipping your moving crew… That said, however, it is not an obligation and there are creative ways of offering appreciation in other ways.