Tips for organizing eco-friendly relocation

Finally, you found your new apartment, and now is time for packing boxes, hauling boxes, painting walls, reorganizing your stuff, unpacking and furnishing. You want your move to be eco-friendly. There are some things that you can do when organizing eco-friendly relocation. Moving requires a lot of work and good organization. It causes a lot of stress and not only for you but also for the environment a move can become a burden. Many things that we do are affecting our environment that we are not even aware of. Packing material, discarded items, purchases for the new home, wall paint, exhaust fumes during transport. All this can have a negative impact on your ecological footprint, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can make your move more sustainable with little effort.

Sustainable packaging for eco-friendly relocation

One of the things that you can do when moving and packing Los Angeles is to pack the items you want to take with you in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  If there is an option see if you can borrow moving boxes, instead of buying new ones. In that way, they can be used more than once. Instead of protecting your fragile items from breaking with plastic wraps use some environment-friendly alternative. Use something that is available anyway such as newspapers or clothing. To protect larger pieces of furniture from being damaged you can wrap them in sheets or blankets.  Instead of buying packaging material ask your friends and family for help. Everyone has some old boxes they don’t really need or a pile of old newspapers that you can reuse for your move.

Mobile phone with green recycling sign and mesh bag
Our planet has more than enough clutter as it is, we don’t need to make even more. Therefore try organizing eco-friendly relocation!

Take less with you

Moving is a perfect opportunity to finally get rid of all not needed items. We all know that if we own more stuff it does not make us happier. Many people have many items that they don’t even use or need. This is a perfect time to donate or sell these items that you know you will no longer need. Think carefully about what you really need to take with you to your new home. Throw out only the items that are in bad condition and will not be of use to anybody. If you were planning to become a minimalist this is a great time to do so. If you take less stuff with you, you can rent a smaller van that will emit less CO2. Ask your moving company Studio City CA if they own environmentally friendly transport vans. By doing eco-friendly relocation you are contributing to protecting our environment.

Eco-friendly moving company

It is not only when you move on your own that you can pay attention to the ecological balance. If you want to hire a moving company look for an eco-friendly one. A crucial thing is to find the right moving services Los Angeles for you. A moving company that is making sure that they are doing their best to minimize the pollution is always a better option. There are also more and more moving companies that, for example, make sure that their transport vehicles have low exhaust and consumption values. For an environmentally friendly move, you can take this into account as a criterion when choosing the right moving company. Also, some moving companies have their reusable moving boxes and wrapping material.

Organizing eco-friendly relocation is fun and useful
By hiring the right eco-friendly moving company you can be sure that you are doing your best to minimize any impact that your move is making on the environment.

When organizing eco-friendly relocation buy wisely

For some things you need to tackle in your new home, it can be worthwhile to buy things you don’t need or to dig deeper into your pockets for the sake of your ecological footprint and your own health. With electrical appliances, for example, new is actually often better. You should at least not buy used electronics if the energy efficiency class is very low. It is better to invest in a new appliance with an A++ or A+++ energy efficiency rating. In the long run, this investment is not only more environmentally friendly but also saves you a lot of electricity costs. If you want to paint or wallpaper the walls in your new premises, you should choose the ecological option when it comes to painting. Although this is often a little more expensive, it not only benefits the environment but also your health.

Not everything has to be new

If you decided to move permanently, you should not buy hundreds of new things after sorting out old items. In case you really need some extra items and do not want to harm the environment you can buy used items. By not buy everything you need new, but look for used pieces at the flea market or antique dealer. In this way, you can also save money through sustainability. On the other hand, maybe someone in your family or circle of friends would like to get rid of something that you could use. In addition to the responsible use of resources, this approach has the advantage that you can design your apartment in a particular individual way. Some things you can also build yourself well, cheaply, and environmentally friendly. Look for ideas on DIY blogs. Many things you can do on your own that you are not even aware of.

A person holds a globe in his hand
If you are a hardcore environmentalist there is of course the option to organize eco-friendly relocation.


You can also rent a cargo bike. So such a move is not only particularly environmentally friendly but also does the account a lot of good. In the best case, a sustainable move not only protects the environment but also your wallet (smaller moving van, sell superfluous items, buy new ones second-hand, no money for packing materials). The only thing it needs is timely planning and organizing eco-friendly relocation.

Organizing eco-friendly relocation can be easily done if you plan on time.