Top LA places for retirement

Retirement is something that awaits us all. More importantly, retirement is usually the time when people decide to completely change their lifestyle. With all of the things that might set you back in the past years of your life gone, now you can fully dedicate yourself to whatever you want to do. Because people gain a lot of free time when they retire, it is crucial to choose the right place to move to when that happens. Today, we talk about some of the best LA places for retirement that you should take into consideration. In the end, if this article proves useful to you, and you do find the right neighborhood, consider hiring movers Los Angeles to relocate you. Starting fresh in a new neighborhood cannot be complete without having a positive and organized relocation experience. Additionally, professional movers reduce the amount of stress you might feel during relocation.

LA places for retirement that you should consider

Welcome to the City of Angeles, one of the largest cities in the state of California. Often referred to as LA, this Southern Californian city homes nearly 4 million people. Because of this, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States of America. Los Angeles lies on a basin in Southern California, on the Pacific Ocean. One of the most known things about LA is its entertainment and film industry, with Hollywood being the most famous. Additionally, Los Angeles represents the melting pot of many different nationalities, cultures, and traditions. Moreover, the economy can reflect the society of the city, being also very robust and diverse. Los Angeles is influenced by a Mediterranean climate. This means that the weather is usually sunny, with very rate snowfall or freezing temperatures throughout the year. Which is another thing the city is famous for – beautiful weather.

Glendora, Los Angeles

  • Population: 52.600
  • Median home value: $602.000
  • Median household income: $96.200
an elderly couple taking a break in the forest in one of the best LA places for retirement
Moving to Glendora would be a great solution if you are looking for a place where you can remain physically active

If you are looking to move into a place that has a high sense of community, with a warm welcome and friendly faces to anyone new that comes into the area, then Glendora is the right choice for you. Known as the “Pride of the Foothills”, the neighborhood is located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The downtown area, known as the Village of Glendora is the place where all the action happens. From shopping, dining, drinking coffee, and taking walks, downtown Glendora is the place to be. In addition, this is the main place the community events occur throughout the year. If moving to Glendora is something you want to achieve, then hiring movers Glendora CA should be your next step. Living in Glendora combines outdoor activities with downtown events and activities.

Studio City, Los Angeles

  • Population: 45.300
  • Median home value: $1,078.200
  • Median household income: $120.600
a red car on the road with the Hollywood sign at the top of the hill on the horizon
Studio City is full of that young energy and is relatively close to downtown Los Angeles and other big amenities in the city

If you want to live in an urban environment, full of families and young professionals after retirement, contact movers Studio City CA to help you relocate to Studio City. Namely, this Los Angeles neighborhood is located in the Southeast San Fernando Valley. The name Studio City comes from the first studio lot that was opened in the area in 1927, known as the CBS Studio Center. Moreover, the neighborhood offers some amazing health and fitness activities, has great weather, and is a very friendly community. 22% of the population in Studio City are families with children. The residents are very accepting of everyone, making it easier to adjust when moving. Studio City is one of the LA places for retirement if you do not shy away from the crowd and want to be in the epicenter of activities.

Altadena, Los Angeles, as the final of our LA places for retirement

  • Population: 44.860
  • Median home value: $743.000
  • Median household income: $99.000
an aerial view of the city of Los Angeles from a distance
Altadena is a neighborhood that is close to the center of the city but also allows you to enjoy and explore the surrounding nature

Altadena is a Los Angeles suburb that is just north of Pasadena. In fact, the name of the suburb comes from the Spanish word “Alta” which means Upper, and “Dena” which was taken from Pasadena. Hence, the name literally translates into Upper Pasadena. Although you might find a slight issue with the housing options; Altadena offers a great community if you want to focus on fitness and health, outdoor activities, enjoying the weather, or spending time with your family. More importantly, if this is where you see yourself, Altadena moving company is the company you have to call to ensure a safe relocation experience. The neighborhood is sparsely suburban and located in the Verdugo Mountains, about 14 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Moreover, the area boasts several green spaces, like parks and a golf course.

Is LA the place to be when retiring?

Honestly, this will depend on what you expect from your retirement. Some people spent their entire lifetime in the city and use their retirement to move to more quiet and low-populated areas. However, there are people that thrive in the city, so there is no real answer to this question. If we had to give one, it would be that you need to judge from your own perspective. What do you want from this retirement? Can the city of Los Angeles, with its neighborhoods, provide what you need? There is no doubt that there are some amazing places to visit and live in Los Angeles, but which one you should choose comes down solely on your needs. If you need more suggestions on LA places for retirement, we can suggest neighborhoods like Seal Beach, Beverly Hills, or even Villa Park. Be aware tho, LA can be, and is, pretty expensive.