Top restaurants in Los Angeles to visit

There is an overabundance of top-notch restaurants in LA. After all, it is the city of glitz and glamour. Consequently, it can be very hard to make a list of the top restaurants in Los Angeles. Besides the many choices, your personal preference for the food and ambiance comes into play. Do you like ethnic food? Traditional Chinese, Cambodian, Balkan, Ethiopian… anything you can think of, you will find in LA. Then, do you like busy and popular places, or maybe you prefer a smaller, secluded place just for you and your partner? The smaller places may be harder to find, so you may need to ask the locals. In case you moved recently, you can ask the guys from moving services Los Angeles where they like to eat. There are many choices, but we have picked 4 that you will surely like. 


Mizlala is a Middle Eastern-themed restaurant owned by husband and wife couple Danny and Justine. It is a small place, so you will often find the place packed to the brim. For good reason. The quality of the food is astounding, while the prices still aren’t too high. It is the kind of place that caters to everyone, from kings and princes to the guys from movers Los Angeles County, who came for a bite after a long day’s work. They serve falafel, hummus, and anything you can think of that can include lamb. And some things you wouldn’t imagine could. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant, after all. 

Top restaurants in Los Angeles.
Mizlala is a place you must visit if you are into Middle Eastern cuisine.


Now, some people may not consider République a restaurant per se, but it is definitely top-notch. If it is, then it is one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles. It is an all-day café that serves both pastries and a modern take on Californian cuisine. The fresh pastries are some of the best you will ever taste, but you need to get here early in the morning before they sell out. The dishes include everything from roast chicken to lobster mafaldine. No matter your taste, you’ll find something you love here. As an aside, Charlie Chaplin once had his studio in the same building where République now stands. Just ask the guys from Good Neighbors Moving Company how many people decide to move to LA just to get a taste of the pastries from République.


Providence has a tradition. If you are into luxury and fine dining, providence is one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles for you. You won’t find fresher seafood in all of LA. They offer an exquisite 10-course tasting menu, so you won’t be forced to make a choice right away. Abalone, trout, prawns – any seafood you can think of, you’ll find here. And prepared as perfectly as it is humanly possible. The combination of the best produce and skill and expertise of Providence’s culinary staff makes it what it is. And they have Michelin stars to prove it.

Waiter serving food.
Providence consistently ranks as one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills Spago

Spago has been in business for almost 4 decades, but don’t think that makes them any less innovative. Since its inception, Spago was, and still is, one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles. The ever-changing menu makes it feel like you are eating at a different restaurant each time you come. If you are a Spago purist or heard stories about the legendary dishes, you can still order the tried and true meals, like the world-famous smoked salmon. The first time you visit, order the tasting menu to see everything Spago has to offer. For many people, Spago is the LA restaurant. There’s a reason we left it for the end of our list. Bon appetit!