Ways to save money when relocating to Southern California

You’re finally planning your move to Southern California. However, your budget is limited and can’t really cover all the expenses that will come with this type of move. Thankfully there are ways to save money when relocating to Southern California that won’t take much time and energy. Your best option is to pick one of the moving companies in Southern California, however, when you have a shortage of money it’s not that simple.  

Pick your movers in advance and in an off-season period

There’s no better way to get a better price and save money than to contact your movers as early as possible. Especially if you decide to move during the off-season when the movers are available. What should make you choose this is that the moving cost Los Angeles will be lower up to 30% compared to relocations during the peak of the moving season. If you take into consideration the availability of movers and the price this is an absolute win-win situation for you.

A calendar
Save money when relocating to Southern California by choosing the right time to call movers

Ask family and friends to help in order to save money when relocating to Southern California

Another way to save some money is to actually make sure to get to pay less for your South California move is to ask help from the people you know. They will obviously not replace a moving crew but can be very useful in helping you out. For example, they can do what the packing services would do at a much slower rate. This can help you save a couple of hundred dollars depending on how big your home is and what you need packing. Whatever the situation, your packing process will go by quicker as you’ll have more hands available.

Be creative when finding your packing supplies

One of the ways to save money when relocating to Southern California is to make sure you don’t overspend on packing materials. Even though that’s not the detail that makes the most difference when spending on a move. However, you can get creative with the boxes. Check out our moving boxes online or ask around at your local stores if they have some of them to give away. You will end up with some quality boxes for your move and won’t need to spend too much money.

A move preparing a moving box
Find quality moving boxes for your move

Save money when relocating to Southern California by downsizing

Moving to Southern California is a good chance to get rid of some of your unwanted stuff. Above all the items that you don’t need and use anymore. Make a list of things that you can sell, throw away, or donate. However, make sure that everything is in good condition. Certain organizations won’t let you donate clothes if it’s already ripped in places. You won’t save only by moving fewer items, but also if you can sell things and create an extra profit.

To save money when relocating to Southern California isn’t that difficult. Especially if you follow some of our advice on how to do it. From checking for the best time to call movers, to finding your luck by getting rid of some of your items, there are many options available to you to make the move cheaper. Why not arrive at your new home in Southern California with more money in your piggy bank? Just make sure to be reasonable and we’re sure you won’t overspend.