Why should you tip your movers and how much?

Even though Covid-19 struck the world in 2020 almost 9 million Americans have relocated in the last year! However, not a lot of people know enough about relocating etiquette, research suggests. For example, one of the big ones is whether or not to tip your movers. While tips are generally an individual preference and highly dependent on different circumstances most people agree that you should show your appreciation and gratitude with a small gesture. However, what should that be? Some people think that you should pay your movers extra, others that offering them beverages and food will suffice. Today, Good Neighbors Moving Company is going to put all that doubt to rest. We are going to share with you what we think is the best practice when it comes to tipping your movers. Also, we’ll tell you whether or not you should be doing it. Even when you pay for moving and packing Los Angeles, you might want to plan your trips in the moving budget as well.

movers with cardboard boxes
While people commonly tip in bars and pubs, not a lot of people know about this practice outside of the food and drinks industry.

Do I have to tip?

No. You do not. Just as you don’t have to do that when you frequent a restaurant or a coffee shop. However, if you would like to express a personal “thank you” to the moving services offered then tipping is a great way to do so. However, don’t fall into the trap of feeling that you have to tip everyone. Generally speaking, the point of a tip is to motivate the person who is offering the service to go a little bit of an extra mile to put in good quality work. If they don’t do that, why should you?

How should you tip your movers and how much?

Okay, so you’ve just had your first long-distance move. You’ve unpacked all the boxes and you are just about to wave goodbye to your movers when a thought pops in your head. Should I tip them? Well, here’s one thing that can help you answer this question. The fact that you had to ask yourself that question in the first place should point out the answer.

a jar filled with coins
Generally, you should tip 5 – 10 % for your local move and 15 – 20 % for your long-distance move.

For example, imagine a situation where you have a terrible experience with your movers. The thought of tipping them wouldn’t even cross your mind. Right? So, the fact that you had to ask yourself that is an excellent way to know whether to not you should tip.

Secondly, how much should you tip? Finding out the moving cost Los Angeles for your move is easy, you simply get an estimate on the company’s website. But they won’t tell you if you should tip your movers and how much! That really depends on a number of different factors. From the cost of the move, the duration, and size of it all, and the quality of the provided services. However, at the end of the day, it all depends on how much you are willing to give.