Best parts of LA for those who are into sports

When you’re a sports fan and lover you can’t miss the big and iconic places of LA. However, what if you take part in sports more than you actually like watching them? Don’t worry, above everything, LA is built for those who are into sports. If nobody else, then we from the Good Neighbors Moving Company know that fact best. You won’t be disappointed with everything LA’s recreational parks and centers have to offer. Here are just some of them.

Clover Park is the best place in LA for those who are into sports

If you love sports, you’ll love Clover Park. It is not only located in the beautiful Santa Monica but also has tons of great places for you to play sports. Not only that, you can enjoy nature to the fullest as it is full of trees and offers you some shade from the sun. Our residential movers in LA absolutely love this park and they grab every opportunity they can to play some tennis or basketball here. If you have kids this is the perfect place to take them to test if they like some sport. Clover Park has fields for several sports available to you.

A tennis court
LA is for those who are into sports, and its parks show it

Cheviot Hills Park

If you live near the westside of Los Angeles then you can’t miss Cheviot Hills park. It’s not only a park but also a small neighborhood. It offers not only trees and nature only a park can offer but also it is a recreational center. According to our movers in Glendale CA many people go there to play their favorite sport with their friends and neighbors. It’s really a great place to relax, and it’s no wonder people from time to time see even celebrities going to play some games of basketball here.

Encino Park

Do you love sports and live in the South Valley area? Encino Park is the right choice for you. It’s not only famous for its barbecue and community area. People love playing basketball here all day and night. That’s because it really has a great outdoor court that people enjoy. It’s no wonder that so many moving companies in Covina are actually hearing from their clients that they can’t wait to step foot in Encino Park.

A person playing soccer
You can enjoy any sport you like in LA without problems

Searching for places in LA for those who are into sports? Beeman Park is the right choice

Beeman park or as it’s also known – Studio City recreation center is one of the best facilities for people who enjoy sports in the whole of LA. With courts for tennis, basketball, fields for soccer, lacrosse, and many other options for other sports. One thing is sure, Beeman Park really takes the cake when it comes to the things it can offer. You can enjoy so much content here and it’s a fun activity to do with your family and your friends and neighbors. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities this park has to offer.

There’s nothing better than enjoying some sports in the most iconic city in the world. We’ve mentioned just a couple of places that you can really enjoy sports in. However, in each and every neighborhood there is a place for people who love to play sports. Be an explorer around where you live, and you’ll soon find out that LA is for those who are into sports more than anything else. Get your gear ready and enjoy yourself playing your favorite sport.