Clever in-home storage solutions for your small apartment

Finding the right amount of storage space can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of possessions. Especially so if you don’t live in a large house or apartment. Of course, you can always find more room, but you don’t want your home to have the appearance of a storage unit. Luckily, there are some in-home storage solutions that can save space, while not making your home look like a warehouse. We will give you some tips on how to best make use of the space you have available. If that is still not enough, you can always consider renting a storage unit. Storage units are not very expensive and Burbank movers can point you in the right direction to start your search.

Install High-Up Shelves

More than likely, you are not using most of the space on your walls. Installing shelves on the upper parts of your wall, close to the ceiling, can provide you with additional storage space. Shelves are easy to install, so it won’t take you a lot of time to set it up. Put the shelves about 12-15 inches from the top of the wall. You should be able to reach whatever items you store there by simply getting on a chair. This storage solution will not make your house look cluttered. Quite the opposite, depending on which items you store, it can make your house look modern and stylish.

In-home storage solutions.
Additional shelving is one of the most common in-home storage solutions.

Use the Boxes Left From Your Move

You likely have a lot of leftover boxes from your move. While you could throw them out or recycle them, why not use the boxes as clever in-home storage solutions? But, having plain brown boxes lying around your house doesn’t look nice. Let your creative side show and decorate the boxes how you wish. You or your kids can use them as a canvas for painting or drawing. You could buy rustic looking wrapping paper from a souvenir shop and wrap them in it. The way they look is up to you. Even if you don’t like the end product, just throw them out and start anew. Moving boxes are dime a dozen at movers Los Angeles County.

Use the Space Beneath Your Bed

The space underneath beds is a premier storage real estate. Installing drawers beneath all of your beds will give you as much space as a good-sized dresser. This is one of the most common storage hacks, and for good reason. It is easy to do and frees up a lot of space in your apartment. It is also easy to reach. You don’t even need to have drawers. Instead, you can use boxes or luggage and it functions the same.

Bedroom with desk and bed.
Using the space beneath your bed will give you ample storage space.

Use Radiators As Shelves

Let’s be honest, unless you have some high-end vintage radiators, they add nothing to your house, aesthetics wise. They are necessary, of course, but radiators take up space and give your home a sterile lookYou can make some DIY shelving or buy them from a store. It will cover up the radiators and give your place a more cozy look. Of course, because the cover is primarily an in-home storage solution for your small apartment, you will get more space out of it. If you think of any other in-home storage solutions for your small apartment, send movers Los Angeles some pictures. We would like to see what you came up with.