Covina for single parents – the ultimate guide

Being a single parent is a full-time job and it’s definitely not easy. You need to find a balance between making sure your kids have everything they need and making yourself happy too. One of the big things that impact both your kids’ and your life is your home. Of course, picking the right place for raising your kids is crucial. So, if you’ve decided to relocate your family and find a new part of LA to move to, Covina might be the place for you. But, before you hire movers Covina and sign the contract, you should learn a bit more about the town. So, we’ve prepared a little guide about Covina for single parents and tips for moving to Covina. If you want to learn whether this is the right spot for you and your children, keep reading.

Moving to Covina as a single parent – tips and tricks

When you’re moving with kids, you’re likely to experience a number of challenges. But something that can help you get over them easier and make the relocation as smooth as possible is preparation. Knowing how to organize your relocation will be of huge help. So, we’ll tell you how to move to a new place with kids as a single parent.

mom and daughter packing
Once you’re sure Covina for single parents is the right decision, including your kids in the moving process.
  • Talk to your kids – prepare them for the change. Moving comes with many changes and adjustments, and that can be hard on kids. So, be sure to be their support system and try to make them feel good about the relocation.
  • Involve your kids in the preparation. They can help you wrap, pack, clean or even choose your guys’ new home. Let them pack up their own room, for example.
  • Hire a moving company to help. Organizing the move while taking care of children on your own might be too much for you to handle. So, it’s best to hire professional movers Los Angeles who have the skillset and equipment to make your move easier. This way, you’ll be able to focus more on your kids and give them the attention they need during this time.
  • Try to stick to the plan. A successful move is all about planning and organization, so come up with a plan and try to follow it.
  • Start preparing 2 months in advance. Having enough time for all moving chores is crucial, so start preparing on time. We suggest starting about 8 weeks before moving to Covina as a single parent.

Life in Covina for single parents – what’s to know

Schools in Covina

When asking Is Covina for a single parent? one of the important factors is the schooling system. You want to know your kids will be getting a decent education. Well, the good news is – the public schools in Covina are above average. That makes Covina a good place for raising kids and it’s one of the reasons young parents are moving to Covina. So, do some research and find the right school for your kid.

The job market in Covina

Of course, one of the big worries of most single parents is if they will be able to support their kids and provide for the family. That’s why knowing a little bit more about the job market of the place you’re relocating to with kids is important. Of course, the LA area offers a lot of job opportunities and the job market is constantly evolving here. But in order to give you an idea of your future home and help you decide if Covina for single parents is the right choice, we want to give you some pointers. Here are some of the best-paying industries in Covina.

man in a job interview
Making sure you can find a good job is a crucial factor if you’re wondering if Covina is a good place for single-parent families.
  • Finance and insurance
  • Law enforcement
  • Healthcare services
  • Social services
  • Architecture & engineering
  • Management
  • Educational services

Although the business opportunities are plenty and the job market is growing, there is one other thing we should note. The unemployment rate in Covina, CA is 6.5%, which is about 2% higher than the national average. Another thing to know is that the median household income is $70,780, which is about $10,000 higher than the national average.

The cost of living

While we’re on the subject of job opportunities and finances, it’s good to mention the cost of living in Covina. This is one of the factors that will determine whether or not Covina is right for single moms and dads. So, here are some things you should know about Covina prices before hiring residential movers and relocating.

Person using a calculator
The cost of living is an important factor to consider when moving to Covina as a single dad or mom.
  • Housing: Overall, housing in Covina is mere expensive than the national average. The median home value is $509,200, which is more than double the amount of the national average. The median rent is $1,484, slightly higher than the national average. About 57% of homes are owned, while 43% are rented.
  • Utilities: The utility prices in Covina are slightly higher than the national average, but it’s not a big difference.
  • Groceries: Grocery shopping is, again, a little more expensive than the average, but it’s not a drastically higher price.
  • Transportation: Car maintenance, gas, car insurance, and other transportation prices are also higher than the national average, so beware.

Overall, life in Covina is definitely on the pricy side compared to the national average, so that’s something to consider before moving there as a single parent. However, compared to other LA cities, Covina is among the best solutions for your budget.

Kid-friendly activities in Covina

If you’re moving to Covina as a single parent, you’d probably like to know about ways of having fun as a family. So, here are a few places you could check out with your children.

  • Jump ‘n’ Jammin
  • Forever Social
  • Little Elephants Kids Place
  • Dalton Park
  • Wildhaven Ranch
  • Finkbiner Park

Find your community

Finally, other than telling you some of the most important things about Covina for single parents, we have one extra tip. When you’re moving and raising your kids on your own, having a support system and a sense of community is essential. So, our advice is to not be afraid to get out there and find your community. Meet other single parents in your neighborhood. You’ll be able to share your experiences, tips, and tricks and organize play dates for your kids. And it will be nice to be able to lean on someone.