DIY toy storage ideas

Are your kids’ toys cluttering up your space? Even after moving with residential movers Los Angeles and hoping that this will be contained, all your efforts have been proven worthless? Well, worry not! We are here to help you! Today, we take a look at some of the best, most creative DIY toy storage ideas! With these, your kids will be able to keep their toys all in one place – and you will have unique and interesting pieces of furniture in your new home! Feeling interested? Keep reading to find out more!

Create a swing for all those stuffed toys!

One of the most creative DIY toy storage ideas we at Good Neighbors Moving Company have ever seen is a teddy bear swing! You do not need much for it – just a couple of small boards and some rope or string. And it is exactly as it sounds! Poke holes in the bigger boards and pull the strings through them. Then, use smaller slats as the ramps on the swings – so that the teddies to not fall out.

a swing
Kids love swings – and their toys will love them too!

Depending on how big the collection is, you might want to make a couple of swings. Another smart idea would be to just create multiple “seating areas” one right under the other. This way, you create a somewhat rack that you can put up using only a couple of nails and the ropes! This gives your children a unique and interesting storage place for all their teddy bears and stuffed animals – and all it took was just a couple of hours of work!

Crates can be great for your DIY toy storage ideas!

The second thing that you can use as toy storage is a simple wooden crate. We highly recommend it because of just how versatile it can be! You can use crates with anything! Put some wheels on them and you have a moving toy chest. Paint it in bright colors and your kids will be happy to have such an item in their room! You can even grab a couple of them, put them on sides, and nail them together to create a unique toy shelf. Just think outside of the box – or the crate – for useful and fun DIY projects and ideas!

a crate
Wooden crates offer a plethora of possibilities for your DIY toy storage ideas!

Another huge perk to using crates for your DIY toy storage ideas is that you can find them everywhere! All you need to do is visit a couple of grocery or hardware stores. You can even find them on Amazon or similar websites! Everyone will be glad to get rid of them, and you will be glad for getting free material for new, perfect toy storage for your kids!