The ultimate long distance moving day checklist

Moving long distance can be quite stressful and requires a lot of planning. It can be more complicated than a local LA move because it requires more preparation. There is so much that needs to be done, from cleaning and packing to labeling and transporting. This can be an overwhelming process and it’s easy to forget something. That’s why a long-distance moving day checklist can be very helpful. You will know exactly what you should be doing at any moment. So, keep in mind that the moving process doesn’t start on a moving day. One of the most important parts of the relocation is choosing the right moving company.

Hire a reliable moving company

Finding well-trained and experienced movers can greatly facilitate the moving process. Good movers Los Angeles will handle your possessions with care and accelerate the relocation. In case you are wondering how to find reliable movers, ask friends and family for a recommendation. People you trust are an invaluable source of information. It’s likely that they know someone who has moved recently and can offer a piece of advice.

Secondly, check specialized moving websites such as the Better Business Bureau. Here, you can find companies’ ranking, basic information, comments, and complaints. Finally, go to the company’s website and check the previously submitted feedback. Reading these comments will give you a good idea about the quality of service the company offers.

Experienced movers will accelerate the move.
Finding a good and reliable moving company is the most important part of the moving process

Prepare your belongings for the relocation before making a long-distance moving day checklist

The most time-consuming part of the relocation is packing. But, before you start packing your belongings you have to organize them. Go through all your possessions and decide what you want to bring in your new home. Get rid of the rest – furniture that won’t fit into the new place, clothes you no longer wear, old magazines, etc. Remember that the size of your move determines its cost. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a piece of furniture than to transport one, especially when it comes to long-distance moves. Start gathering packing supplies well in time. You will need cardboard moving boxes in various sizes, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, tape… Protect your belongings and pack them carefully. Write essential information on the size of each box – content, destination room, handling instructions.

Protect you items before you start packing them.
Gather moving supplies and label your boxes properly

Why do you need a long-distance moving day checklist?

Some may think they don’t need a long-distance moving day checklist if they prepare for the move properly. However, there are many tasks that await you on a moving day. You don’t want to risk ruining all that hard work, don’t you? This list will prepare you for the big day and help you avoid some costly mistakes. And, if you are not sure what to put on the list we have a couple of suggestions.

You should start preparing for the move well in advance.
Creating a long-distance moving day checklist will greatly facilitate the relocation.

Double-check every room

Go through every single room in your home in order to make sure that you didn’t forget to pack something. Don’t forget to check your wardrobe, cabinets, basement, and attic. Pack the items you haven’t packed yet, for example, sheets and pillows, as well as the rest of your toiletries, food, and dishes after you have finished using the bathroom and the kitchen. Make sure you don’t forget anything before you leave the house.

Greet your movers

Once your movers arrive, you should go through the moving plan with them and show them around the house. Show your movers what boxes they are supposed to load and highlight the fragile ones. Also, tell them if they need to disassemble furniture. Don’t assume they already know these things, even if you had labeled your moving boxes LA in advance.

Stay close by during the furniture disassembly and loading. Although professional movers and well-trained and experienced, supervise the move and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Once everything is loaded in the moving truck it’s time to go to your new place.

Guide the movers in your new home

Welcome your movers again in your new home. Keep in mind that they have traveled a long distance with your things so give them a moment to rest when they arrive. Offer food and drinks and show them where the bathroom is. After that, you should show them around and tell which room is which. Now you will be able to see how important labeling moving boxes is.

Movers will carry each box to the right room and save you a lot of time. Once they unload all your belongings and reassemble furniture, consider giving them a tip. Tipping your movers is not obligatory but it’s a way to thank and reward them for their hard work. If you don’t know how much to tip them, tip 10$ per person per hour. So, for a half-day move (4 hours) 40$ is considered a good tip.


People move long distances for various reasons: employment, love, education, etc. Whatever the reason you need to be very well prepared for the moving day. It can often be stressful and overwhelming. Also, you want to avoid some costly moving mistakes. That’s why it’s useful to create a long-distance moving day checklist.

It will help you keep up with the plan and not forget anything. Good and reliable residential movers Los Angeles will accelerate and facilitate the relocation greatly. However, you should still make the list, just in case. It can relieve your stress and anxiety. Moving home is an exciting time – don’t forget to enjoy it. Good luck and double-check every room on your way out.