How to compare movers in Covina?

The sheer number of professional moving companies can make picking the right moving company quite difficult and confusing. You need to make sure that your moving partner is competent, experienced, affordable, and reliable. The only logical choice you’ve got at the start of your search is to compare movers in Covina. Only through a thorough comparison of deals, you’ve got from moving companies will make you choose the best one.

Compare moving quotes

The first thing you should do is to ask for accurate cost estimates from the movers that you are contacting. To give you accurate moving quotes Los Angeles, the movers would have to visit your home in person. They will send their professional estimator over for an in-home visual inspection of things that you want to move. This is a much better option than an over-the-phone cost estimate.

A woman tries to compare movers in Covina
When you compare movers in Covina, take extra time to compare the estimates and rates that you receive, and what they include.

The surveyors will inspect all household items that you’re planning on taking with you. Items requiring special packing and handling like antique furniture, large furniture, pianos, etc., are of special interest to the estimators. They will also take note of problematic areas such as flights of stairs, narrow staircases, and small doorways. Other conditions such as narrow hallways and non-operational elevators might also be problematic. Once the in-home estimations are over, you will have several written cost estimates on you. This will enable you to compare the moving prices and moving services of different movers.

Compare moving rates

The first thing that will stand out on your moving quotes is the prices. You will likely examine the lowest rate first, as you are looking to pay as little as possible for the move. Nevertheless, the price will not be the only deciding factor. When you are moving locally with movers Covina, your price will be calculated by an hourly rate. However, you will likely receive a fixed price when you are moving long-distance which is primarily based on the move distance and total weight of your move. The price also covers additional services and other secondary price-forming factors. Do not rush the selection process by selecting the lowest bid, since this is only the beginning of the comparative analysis.

Compare services of movers in Covina

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Take a closer look at the extra services that each mover offers in their estimates when you are comparing them. Pay close attention to how the price was formed. All additional services that you requested, or the estimators have deemed necessary, should be present on the estimates received. The most common services are the disassembly and reassembly of furniture, packing and unpacking, temporary storage, and hoisting of massive items.

A mover carrying a sofa
Find a moving company that is licensed and has well-trained movers.

Reliability and professionalism

You can’t spend too much time comparing moving companies as the move date approaches. So in order to save up some time on this phase of moving company comparison, you need to check their level of professionalism and trustworthiness. Here are some ways in which you can do that:

  • BBB accreditation. – A strong indicator that you can trust a company with your items is their possession of Better Business Bureau accreditation. Movers with BBB accreditation need to adhere to their standards that consist of 8 principles. They summarize the crucial elements that create and maintain trust between a business and its customers. They are: tell the truth, build trust, advertise honestly, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, embody integrity and safeguard privacy.
  • Licensing information. – Look into the legal status of the moving companies that are biffing for your relocation job. All interstate movers need to have a license issued by the Government’s Department of Transportation by law. The moving company receives a USDOT number when it meets all of the Government’s requirements.

Compare moving company reviews

Prices and services may not be enough to choose the right movers, despite them being fully licensed. Before you make your final pick, be sure to check what the customers have to say about them. Keeping up a reputation with clients is what the best moving companies in the industry do. Good words about their company spread easily and bring new customers, and consequently more revenue. Therefore, their goal is to provide top-notch services at low prices.

Visit sites such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau to see what reviews did genuine customers leave and compare them. See the overall resting of the companies that you are currently investigating, and read some of the testimonials. This will give you an idea of whether most people were satisfied by the movers’ services or not. Try to get a good idea about the moving company based on the reviews that you have read. Some of them will be too negative while others will be overwhelmingly positive. For this reason, use the consumer reviews only as a reference point to make the entire process easier.

A woman writing things down
Reading genuine reviews can help you make up your mind when choosing a moving company.

Final say about comparing movers in Covina

When you pick and compare movers in Covina, you should ask your friends if they can recommend any moving company to you. It is always best to get first-hand recommendations from someone that is close to you and you can trust. Another good alternative is to ask around on a social network platform. When the price that you receive from a company seems suspiciously low in comparison to others, ask for an explanation. If the answer that you get is not clear, then that might be a sign of moving fraud. In order to avoid this type of headache, ask Good Neighbors Moving Company for an estimate. Our professional crew of movers would be able to handle all of your moving needs, from start to finish. We are fully licensed and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.