How to disinfect your storage unit in Pasadena

Having items in storage does not mean that you are free from cleaning duties, especially if you are storing items long term and in places with lots of dust, like Pasadena. Dust will still build up and if you leave your items sitting in a dirty unit for too long, they may get damaged. Even if you are getting rid of it entirely, you will still need to disinfect your storage unit before you leave it. All you need are some cleaning supplies, a plan, and a bit of time. Here are some tips that can help you clean your unit.

Cleaning the floors.
Clean your walls and floors diligently.

Quick Tips on How to Prepare for Cleaning Your Unit

Take inventory of your items. Over time, even if the intention was to keep the unit clean and tidy, items add up and it is unlikely that you remember everything that you have stored. Use a pen and paper, or your smartphone to write down the larger items you see.

Count how many boxes you have so that you can make a rough estimate of how much time it will take you to empty and disinfect your storage unit. If you have properly labeled the boxes when initially storing, a part of the job is already done. If not, open the boxes to check the content to know how to handle them. After you have taken inventory, get four large containers that you will use for categorizing the items. The items should be divided into the following categories:

  • Keep in your unit and disinfect
  • Trash or recycling
  • Sell
  • Take home

Now that you have taken inventory and categorized your possessions, you can take everything out of the unit to start cleaning it. If you no longer wish to use the unit, there are many moving companies in Southern California that you can hire to help you relocate your items.

disinfect your storage unit
Here are a few tips to help you disinfect your storage unit.

Clean the Floors, Walls, and Furniture

Before starting on the actual cleaning, contact the company that owns the unit to check whether there are any chemicals you are not allowed to use. Likely, your best bet is to use a general cleaning mixture than is odorless. Even basic dish soap and water will do.

Use your mixture to clean the floors and walls of your unit thoroughly. In case you spot any mildew, mold, or insects, contact your storage company and inform them. If the infection is severe, you should probably hire a professional to clean it. Wipe down your shelving and furniture with the mixture you use, and be sure to get all the nooks and crannies thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning your unit, don’t rush to bring your items back in, but let it air out.

When you are ready to bring your items back in, think of how you wish to store them. You probably already have more space due to not keeping all of the items, and if you organize properly you will have more space. Why not call some Pasadena movers to transfer unnecessary items from your home to your storage unit? When you already went through the trouble to disinfect your storage unit, you can declutter your home as well.