How to move your office on a budget

If you are at the point when you need another office – congratulations! Office move often signifies growth and a fresh new chapter for your business. However, relocations come at a great cost, no matter how exciting they may seem. Before you estimate your total moving budget, you have to also spend some time searching for decent yet cost-effective moving services. Fortunately, we at Good Neighbors Moving Company are coming to the rescue with yet another set of tips. After reading the following tips, you will move your office on a budget with ease.

Make a solid strategy for an office budget move

Moving budget isn’t a joke, so it’s better if your closest team participates in the discussion. After you check the moving estimates, decide whether the price points are reasonable. Brainstorm the ideas for extra discounts or better deals.

money, calculator, notepad, and a pen
To move your office on a budget, you will have to plan all moving expenses.


Map out all moving expenses to have a clear picture of total relocation expenses. Allocate the maximum amount of money to each segment of your office move:

  • Moving services – The overall price of your move will depend on the duration of your move. Long-distance relocations cost a lot more. In this case, full-service movers are your best choice. They have every service you need in one place.
  • Additional services – An office move can’t go smoothly without a decent storage unit. You must keep office inventory and equipment somewhere safe. Also, packing services can add up to total moving expenses. However, packing services end up being cost-effective if there’s not enough staff to help you secure and pack everything. Bulky furniture and electronics can be difficult to deal with as well.
  • Relocation supplies – Quality moving boxes are a must. It’s not possible to pack and store office items without them. Make sure to find them at verified suppliers.

Spend some time searching for professional affordable moving companies to move your office on a budget

Every successful relocation starts with a good plan, and so is the office move on a budget. Fortunately, it’s possible to find affordable solutions if you know where to search and how to organize properly. Therefore, make time in your schedule to research commercial movers Los Angeles has on offer:

  • Find several licensed and verified movers with years of professional experience. Write them down on a piece of paper.
  • Next, take a look at their services and rates. Check customer testimonials to get a better idea about the service quality.
  • Cross-compare services, rates, location, and other important factors.
  • Book more than two commitment-free moving quotes Los Angeles movers offer on their website. However, make sure there aren’t any hidden fees.
  • Compare the quotes and decide which company agrees more with your approximate moving budget. Just have in mind that a moving estimate doesn’t mean a final moving price. Depending on the additional services, it often goes up a bit more.

Get quality moving supplies at the right place

Boxes and other necessities don’t have to be too high in price. Many professional moving companies Los Angeles County has on the market provide affordable top-notch moving supplies. Even better if the boxes are durable enough to be used again. In addition, you can check eco-friendly boxes that have been around for some time. They don’t lack in quality and are useful even after the move. However, be wary of ads that are too good to be true. Many scam companies offer surprisingly low-priced boxes that are supposedly strong enough to keep the items. As much as you might think that cheap supplies solve the problem, they don’t. Poor-quality boxes usually fall apart easily and as a result, the items break during transportation. So make sure to avoid paying for unecessary repairs and rather spend extra dollars on decent relocation supplies.

a woman sitting down and thinking move your office on a budget
Quality moving supplies are cost-effective.

You probably already have other necessary supplies like packing paper, bubble wraps, markers, scissors and etc. These are easy to obtain for free, as well as moving boxes and containers. However, be careful. Free boxes and containers will do the work only if you get them from someone you know and trust. Durable leftover boxes aren’t easy to find, so think carefully before you opt for free supplies.

Earn some extra money by decluttering your office

There’s no better way to deal with spare office supplies. Decluttering helps you sort your office inventory and get rid of unnecessary items. To declutter properly, divide everything in your office into the categories:

  • For sale
  • Donation
  • Recyclable

There are probably bulky furniture pieces you could sell at a reasonable price. Although it doesn’t seem much at first, the money you earn by selling spare furniture can be used for moving supplies. Or maybe you want to give your new office a fresh new look. Either way, you will benefit from decluttering. Plus, there won’t be as much of a burden since you won’t be dragging spare useless items with you. The fewer items you have for moving, the fewer supplies you need. In addition, the movers you hire will have much less work to do and won’t charge as much.

a man and a woman carrying the boxes down the stairs
Decluttering your is the number one step of your office moving preparation.

Additional expenses to watch out for during an office budget relocation

Discuss all service charges with your movers. The last you need is to deal with unexpected fees that may disrupt your estimated moving budget. Another important factor is the lease expenses. Before renting the new office space, learn about all terms and conditions. It’s important to stay at the top of the game when it comes to the monetary aspect of the move. And last but not least – treat each item with care. You don’t need additional repair to deal with, so remind your employees and movers to be careful while packing everything for the move. If you follow the above-mentioned strategy, you will move your office on a budget stress-free.