How to settle in after moving to Glendale, CA?

Whether you work in the film industry or somewhere else, moving to California is a big step in your career. Moving to a state of eternal summer, beaches and parties can be exciting. The level of excitement will, of course, depend on your age. In this article, we will help by advising on how to settle in after moving to Glendale. To move there, you will need to find a moving company that will make this moving experience a breeze. With no hesitation look up the movers in Glendale CA, they will surely have some of the best reviews.

Research before you settle in after moving to Glendale

Getting to know as much as possible about the city you are moving to is perfectly normal. From history facts to the economy and living conditions. Glendale is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County. It is minutes away from downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank, Hollywood, and Universal City. The City has over six million square feet of office space and is home to firms such as Walt Disney Imagineering and Dream Works. Glendale is also a home of some of the best moving companies in California. Feel free to hire any of them for your relocation. Glendale is rated to be one of the top 10 safest cities in the USA. It is mainly a residential community with a lot of job opportunities.

The evening view of Los Angeles
The downtown of Los Angeles is just 15 minutes away from Glendale

Get used to the Glendale’s climate

If you have not lived on the West Coast, you will have to adjust to the warm climate and number of hot days during the year. Glendale has the Mediterranean climate with 285 sunny days in the year. Temperatures are mild throughout the whole year, except in July and August. During these months you can experience an average temperature of 87-88 degrees Fahrenheit. This great climate is one of the top reasons to move to California this summer. You will be able to leave all your winter clothes and equipment behind you, as there is not an inch of snow here. You can experience some rain in December and January, but that is pretty much it. It is really easy to settle in after moving to Glendale since you will be settling in on some of the local beaches.

Settle in after moving to Glendale by joining the locals in daily adventures

There are so many things to do and see in Glendale, from outdoor to indoor activities. If you are an outdoor person, you can join some of the locals in hiking, riding a bike, or mountain climbing, choosing the trail maps of your preference. On the other hand, there is a handful of parks where you can just enjoy and relax. It is normal to want to be outside in such great weather. With Los Angeles only 15 minutes away and Manhattan beach around 30, you can afford to spend the whole day at the beach. If you want a quiet night, dining with some friends, you can choose among many restaurants. Since Armenians make the majority of the population, there will be a lot of restaurants in their local cuisine. You can also enjoy your evening by going to a museum, gallery, or a night club if you are a fan of dancing.

Man riding a bike as one of the ways to settle in after moving to Glendale
Riding a bike is just one of the ways to enjoy the outdoors in Glendale

More tips about settling in Glendale

First of all, as soon as you arrive in Glendale, check what sort of paperwork you need to fill in, to get your driver’s license and health insurance. If you own a car and spend a lot of time driving, this will be your priority as you only have 10 days from the moment you arrive, to get your new license. Make sure you have turned on all utilities, changed the address, etc. If you moved to Glendale with kids, you will need to start looking for local schools to enroll your kids in. You will also need to look for sports and other activities your kids can participate in, that are close enough to school. But after you finish with all administration and paperwork, you can start enjoying and settling in after moving to Glendale.