Packing gym equipment: tips and tricks

Are you moving your home gym? Need to safely relocate all the equipment? If this is your goal, then you need to learn all that you can about packing gym equipment! This can often be tough to do – since these items are heavy, huge, and expensive. Luckily, the best movers Los Angeles are there for you! In this article, we share some must-know facts about this exhausting chore!

Sanitize and clean before packing gym equipment

Before you start your packing process, you will want to make sure your equipment is clean and sanitized. You will want to clean it to see if there are any dents and scratches in the items. Sanitation is there in order not to bring any germs or bacteria to your new home! This way, you will protect yourself and your Pasadena movers from any infection!

a woman with disinfectant before packing gym equipment
Disinfect all your equipment before you start packing it!

To clean your gym equipment, all you need are some wet wipes! There are also many ways to make a homemade disinfectant solution! We strongly encourage you to research more about what kind you can use in your home!

Packing smaller items

When it comes to packing small items like dumbbells and hand weights, the main concern is their weight. Because of it, the moving boxes you are using need to be strong and durable to handle them. Most boxes people use cannot do this and might break during the transport. If this happens, then all your items are at risk, because these heavy items can jump around the truck!

So, the best thing you can do is to get professional moving boxes! These are sturdy and will help you not worry about a thing! You can also use a stronger plastic bag instead of the boxes. What’s more, you will want to secure your items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper. These will act as a buffer between each other and similar items. You can also pack boxes within one another to strengthen the cardboard.

Carefully consider the weight of the dumbbells while packing them!

Packing bigger items

Packing bigger items can be a bit tough – because these are heavy and tough to move. For example, the elliptical has a unique shape that can make packing difficult. Packing gym equipment like this will be easiest if you disassemble it. Usually, you will do things similar to when you were building a home gym – or you will get the instructions with each item. If not, make sure you call some experts to do this for you! If you are not careful, you can damage the items beyond repair!

After disassembling each item, make sure you wrap them carefully in padding material as well. This way, you will protect the parts from bumps and scratches. Only then can you be completely happy and relaxed about your move!