Relocating your small business safely – California edition

Relocating always comes with certain challenges and its share of ups and does. But when you’re moving your business, the last thing you need are moving issues and bumps in the road. After all, you want your business to stay intact and unimpaired during the move. Well, that is exactly why we’ve decided to help. Today, we’re going to share expert tips from Good Neighbors Moving Company that will make relocating your small business safely easier to achieve. So, if you want to know how to make sure your office move goes by without a hitch, keep reading and find out.

Hire reliable moving experts to help with relocating your small business safely

It doesn’t matter when, where and what you’re moving, some help is always welcome. And when it comes to a high-pressure venture like moving a small business, it’s important to have experts giving you a hand. That way, they’re able to execute the relocation with no hiccups and complications, allowing you to remain productive and keep working with your clients. If you want to move your office safely and avoid harming your business in the process, here’s how to find capable office movers.

mover packing boxes to help you with relocating your small business safely
Reliable movers will help you with relocating your small business safely.
  • Do your research. If you’re hiring commercial movers Los Angeles, you need to do a background check and make sure you’re hiring the right team. Find out as much about the movers and their services as possible before hiring them.
  • Ask for moving quotes. Your moving budget is crucial when you’re planning a business relocation, so ask your movers for their quotes and see if they fit into your designated moving budget.
  • Read their testimonials. Check if the movers have a good track record of satisfied customers – always read the reviews before signing the contract.

Designate a responsible employee to be in charge of the move

If you want to continue working with your clients and keep your business up and running while moving your startup safely, you can’t do it all alone. We suggest delegating an employee you can trust to be in charge of the moving organization and take care of the moving checklist. That way, you can focus on work and be sure that the relocation will still go smoothly.

Carefully pack the office in order to safely move your safe business

When it comes to packing, you want to make sure nothing gets lost or damaged, right? Well, we have a few tips for you to help you pack properly and make sure you’re relocating your small business safely.

man sealing a box
In order to move your startup safely, you need to pack properly and with care.
  • Get packing services and let professionals handle this task for you.
  • Wrap all your expensive equipment to protect it from damages.
  • Back up your files to ensure you don’t lose any important documents.
  • Label your boxes to let the movers know how to handle each box. Plus, this will make unpacking and organizing the new office easier.
  • All hands on deck – if you’re not hiring the pros, everyone can help with packing and make the process quicker and easier.

Inform your business partners and clients about moving

In order to make sure you don’t lose any business and clients because of the move, it’s best to notify everyone you work with about the relocation. Update your website, send out emails and update your visit cards. Also, if you’re planning on closing the company for a few days during the move, inform clients about the dates when you’ll be out of the office. This is a sure way to safely relocate your small business without losing clients.

Find a storage facility and make moving even smoother

Lastly, something that greatly helps make any relocation smoother and easier is getting a storage unit. Ask your movers about their storage services and safely store some of your office equipment for a while. Once the necessities are all set up at the new office space, you can get your stored items and complete the office. This is another thing that will make relocating your small office safely much simpler to do.