San Dimas family life: is it any good?

Moving to a new place is a life-changing event both for you and your family. Naturally, there will be a lot of tough questions swirling around in your head. For instance – what is San Dimas family life like? Is it any good? Therefore, before contacting your San Dimas movers, let’s see what factors parents consider the most important. Generally, people talk about San Dimas as a quaint city with a small-town feel. Moreover, what they like about it is the fact that it is home to a lot of families which provides a friendly and open atmosphere. Still, we should look at it more closely!

What are the determinants of a good San Dimas family life?

You’ll need to consider several things before you book your residential movers Los Angeles, and relocate. So, what are those things? Parents are always the best people to ask! When deciding where to move, the most important factors for parents are various. The top-ranked response was the house size. but they also find things such as square footage and the number of bedrooms are critical in their decision. School ratings, neighborhood amenities, proximity to shopping and entertainment, and the number of children in the neighborhood follow right behind. To properly factor all of these things into your final decision, we’ll go through each of them, and more.

Home size

Before you start preparing your old home for a move, you should think about your new home. Consider the actual space you’ll need for a great San Dimas family life. You can start by answering the following questions. Is your family expanding or getting smaller? Does the square footage of your current home meet your requirements? Or does the square footage need to change? When moving, you must take into account the needs and wants of several people. Finding a comfortable environment to meet everybody’s criteria is not an easy job to do. However, this city makes it almost effortless! San Dimas has approximately 12,000 housing units out of which 60% are single-family homes. Moreover, nearly 25% of these housing units make four-bedroom houses, nearly 40% have three bedrooms, and around 21% of two bedrooms.

San Dimas family house for sale.
More than half of the housing units in San Dimas are single-family homes.

Educational opportunities

The importance of finding a good school is grand for deciding where to move. Therefore, it is important to research the school districts and educational opportunities for your children. Luckily, San Dimas has a very good reputation and some of the top-rated schools in California. The types of schools include public preschools, elementary and middle schools, as well as several private schooling options. Nonprofit websites like GreatSchools are an excellent source for parents looking for the ideal schools for their kids. Here, we can look into some grades and statistics to help you decide whether or not it is a good idea to move with your children to San Dimas.

  • grades the quality of education in this city with an A+. This is a great indication of a great chance for San Dimas family life and raising.
  • According to the latest American Community Survey data, San Dimas indicates it has 93% percent high school graduates or better which is at the top of all other places in the area.
  • The same study says that 37% percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher for people age 25 or older.
  • The percentage of people aged 25 years or older who either have no schooling or dropped out of school before completing high school is 7%.

Neighborhood amenities affect your San Dimas family life

The area in which you purchase is a significant factor in your ability to enjoy your home. I.e, neighborhood amenities can greatly affect your San Dimas family lifestyle. Here, we will name some neighborhood amenities to look for while house hunting.

Stores, malls, and dining

For instance, check how close your new house is to the places you’ll visit regularly. Naturally, these include grocery stores and convenience stores. Moreover, you can also look for pharmacies, and gas stations. This city has so many shopping and eating establishments, so you’ll be able to choose from various shops and stores to maintain a good lifestyle. When it comes to restaurants, San Dimas has so many cheap eats, as well as mid-range and fine dining restaurant options.

Nature, parks, and recreation

Also, look to see where the closest parks are located. Residents’ reviews of this city report that the nature of the city is breathtaking. Besides having a beautiful mountain view, San Dimas is home to many parks offering green spaces, walking paths, playgrounds, sports courts, and sports fields. Of course, we shouldn’t overlook a wide variety of recreation programs, activities, and community events as well.

Girl playing on swing.
San Dimas offers a lot of playgrounds and family-friendly parks.


Nobody wants to live in an area with high crime rates, but that doesn’t imply that crime never happens. The best option is to research various areas. This way, you can discover more about San Dimas family living safety. According to AreaVibes, the key findings in San Dimas crime data are the following:

  • San Dimas crime rates are 7% lower than the national average;
  • Violent crimes in San Dimas are 39% lower than the national average;
  • In San Dimas, you have a 1 in 42 chance of becoming a victim of a crime;
  • San Dimas is safer than 42% of the cities in the United States.

Family-friendly activities make a good San Dimas family life

Moving isn’t just work. A lot of excitement awaits you beyond the property lines of your future home. Just like you can make relocation fun for kids, you can ensure they’ll have fun once they arrive at their new home. One great way to decide if relocation is going to be a good fit is to do some research on family activities. Fortunately, San Dimas offers something for everyone. If you like road trips, make sure to visit the famous Route 66. Or perhaps you feel like spending a day in nature? Well, it’s a good thing you can let your dogs and kids run free at the San Dimas Dog Park, or hike up the San Gabriel Mountains. Some activities during the triple-digit summer heat? Sure! Cool off at one of the largest water parks in California called Raging Waters.

San Dimas family life is great due to the numerous family-friendly activities it offers.
Various family-friendly activities will make your San Dimas family life a dream come true.

If you want to take an educational tour of San Dimas, you can check out some of its many museums. For instance, the Pacific Railroad Museum or Old San Dimas Depot. We also recommend that you tour the old downtown styled like a Western Village, with its Historic San Dimas Hotel built in the 19th century (also known as the Carruthers Home, Walker House, and the San Dimas Mansion).