Simple guide for moving to Covina CA with kids

So, you made a good plan to move but now let’s add some spice to that plan of yours – kids! It’s stressful enough to move for adults and it’s even more stressful for our children. They express their stress during the moving period in a different way than we do, and sometimes, they can see relocation as the end of their world. Depending on how old are they this can be quite an intense moment for some kids. Moving represents a big change in their lives and separating them from their old neighborhood will disrupt their habits and emotionally stress them. However, moving to Covina CA will give you plenty of good reasons to convince them to see the bright side. There is no fit-for-all solution for packing and moving with kids, but there are a few tricks that can help you with the relocation. Let’s take a look together at our guide for moving to Covina CA with kids!

Consider renting a professional moving company

Choosing a professional moving company when relocating is always a valid decision. They have all the necessary packing equipment and logistics already organized, you just need to call and agree on the price. Do your research first, mark out all the moving companies in Southern California, and take a look at their ratings. You want to pick the one with the highest rating and not the cheapest one. Moving and storage companies are able and ready to help you with your relocation, whether you’re moving from out of state or from another county in California. Giving regards that you are moving with kids, feel free to investigate their previous experiences with relocations that involve kids. If you are lucky you might bump into a company that has a special program for this kind of occasion.

Man packing boxes in a van
When moving to Covina CA consider renting a professional moving company

Make sure to do all the calculations first. If the possibility allows, consider spending a few more dollars on a good moving company in order to evade any additional stress during this, probably very noisy, period. This is the easiest possible solution and contrary to that is DIY moving. That’s something far different considering kids are involved and we will dive into that right away. But first, let’s summarize a few guidelines so far:

  • Talk to your kids when moving to Covina CA. This can be a very stressful moment in their lives, they are still too small and might be still unable to understand the full necessity for relocation.
  • Don’t break the cycle. Think in advance about children’s enrollment in school, check out Covina’s youth sports programs, or other hobbies alternatives.
  • If determined to rent a professional moving company, choose one carefully. Investigate, calculate, and read their policies about packing, loading, transporting, and unloading before committing to any of them.

Moving to Covina CA can be a child’s play

So, you decided to DIY move to Covina CA! In any case, this is going to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Depending on your stamina and nerves it can be a joyful as well as dreadful ride. Depending on their age, kids might need some help and guidance with packing techniques. If they are too small to help (think toddlers and babies) you will have to do it all by yourself.

When explaining packing to preteens it’s important for them to understand that heavy stuff goes on the bottom and lighter one goes on top. This tip will help in avoiding a ton of broken toys when bumping boxes during a transportation time.

It is common advice to mark three big card boxes with: keep, discard, sell/donate. Just explain to them how the packing works and they will follow. If toddlers or preteens are dragging their feet to pack, feel free to offer them a reward as motivation or maybe even quick organize a competition. You can even set a time and let them rush the packing. As long as they are motivated and see it as a game and not as a chore the whole process will glide smoothly.

Kid in cardboard box playing with toy gun
Motivate your kids and make relocation an enjoyable experience

Remember that moving a whole family is a difficult process and can be backfired if decide to DIY. Investigate your possibilities and call a few residential movers Los Angeles has before making the big decision to move all by yourself. House moving is the most common service in Los Angeles County while being the most complex one too. Many people get surprised by finding stuff they long forget about their existence until they decide to move. This can create additional problems when synchronizing transport schedules and logistic plans with newly occurred circumstances.

Don’t overlook your kids

Don’t overlook your kids, talk with them, and explain to them the benefits of moving to Covina CA. It is always recommended to involve kids in the moving process as much as possible. They can help you with choosing the wall paint for their new room or help you decide which house to pick. There are limitless creative ways to use packing material as entertainment, kids love cardboard castles!

Family is marking cardboard boxes while preparing for a move
It is always a good idea to involve kids when preparing for a move

Consider taking your kids to the new neighborhood and show them the downtown area or their new school. Investigate the new area by reading local newspapers or the internet about interesting new places for kids. Take a tour of the local activities, that way you can easily bond them to the new neighborhood and ease their emotional stress.

On moving day, chances are that you will be pinned down with the logistics and coordination of the move. If however, you decide to rent some of the local movers Covina has to offer, things will be quite different. We strongly encourage large families with kids to rent a moving company. It is really easy to unintentionally overlook the kids when moving day arrives. Kids are restless and can easily get into trouble with all the heavy bags and boxes all around the place, in the worst case they can hurt themselves. Take care of them and enjoy together while moving company take care of everything else for you.

Conclusion for moving to Covina CA

If you plan your move for some time now use that extra time to your advantage, prepare for every step in advance. Otherwise, everybody will rush and make a ton of common packing mistakes due to the lack of time. Use the time to your advantage, especially when moving with kids. Try to segment the hard work and make it a child’s game. When DIY moving to Covina CA, try to involve them as much as possible.

Adding kids to an already stressful situation as any relocation tends to be equals to a lot more stress and uncertain situations. If time is on your side, involve them as much as possible in order to overcome emotional stress. Otherwise, play safe, rent a professional moving company, and enjoy life.