The best neighborhoods in Burbank for families

It is never easy to find a perfect home for you and your family. Looking for the perfect neighborhood can last longer than you expected, but once when you find your perfect spot- you will know it was the right choice. If somehow you ended up choosing Burbank, we are as thrilled as you are, because this city has many beautiful things your family can enjoy. Many moving companies in Southern California will make the entire process easier. We will list down some of the best neighborhoods in Burbank for families.

Magnolia Park

You will fall in love with this neighborhood in no time! With its slow pace and wonderful atmosphere, it is a perfect place for your entire family. There are a couple of schools that may suit your kids and when it comes to fun activities- it has plenty. Different parks, like the famous Magnolia Park, shopping centers, and amazing bakeries are just a couple of reasons why you may like this particular neighborhood.  Burbank movers have a lot of experience when it comes to Magnolia Park and you will find a suitable moving company very fast.

path covered with snow
Your kids will adore Burbank’s climate!

North Hollywood

Just like its name suggests, you will find a charming piece of Hollywood in this neighborhood. If you prefer more crowded places with seasonal tourists then North Hollywood is a great option for you. Here you can enjoy some of the most famous playhouses with different art galleries. In this Burbank neighborhood, there is also the Academy of TV Arts and Science which attracts many people from every state. Keep in mind that local movers Los Angeles offer their services for any type of move, so they will be of great assistance in your moving process.

Toluca Woods

If you and your family are into showbusiness then look no further because Toluca Woods is the answer. With many beautiful houses and some of the biggest celebrities of our generation living there this neighborhood proves to be perfect for families. When it comes to education there are some excellent elementary, middle, and high schools in Toluca Woods and we assure you that your kids will enjoy their amazing teaching atmosphere. Let us also mention that even though it is populated by celebrities, house prices in Toluca Woods are not that high at all! You will be able to find a perfect home with a beautiful garden for a very low price. It for sure is one of the best neighborhoods in Burbank for families!

house for sale
The best neighborhoods in Burbank also have the best prices!

Final Word

Now that you have a couple of options on your hands it is time to choose which one suits your family the best. After you choose a moving company and set the date, your moving to a perfect Burbank neighborhood can begin. Consider hiring white glove movers Los Angeles if your items need a more careful approach and are sure that they will do an amazing job. After moving is finished feel free to explore all of these neighborhoods and enjoy what they have to offer.