Tips and tricks for moving to Studio City, CA

You have decided to move to the beautiful neighborhood of Los Angeles – Studio City. This is not a surprise because Studio City is one of the best places to live in California. Here you will adjust quickly and without any problems in a short time. This Los Angeles neighborhood offers a combination of an urban and suburban feel. Contact Studio City CA to help you move easily and without stress. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that moving to Studio City goes as efficiently as possible.

Good preparation is key to moving to Studio City

Pack all items in boxes before moving. Disassemble furniture that needs to be disassembled in advance. Protect and cover all the furniture well. Use stickers to mark everything you need to do when moving. Indicate, for example, the numbering where the furniture will be placed at the new address. If no preparations are made, the proper execution of the move can be seriously compromised. Haste is rarely a good thing, and this definitely applies to the case of relocation. Don’t underestimate the work! Good preparation makes everything run smoothly and quickly. Take enough time for a relocation because even the slightest problem during relocation can already jeopardize the entire schedule. Avoid this situation by planning ahead.

White paper with note- make it happen- moving to Studio City
Sit in peace and write down everything you need to do to have a successful move!

Get professional help! 

Even best friends can get bored of carrying a refrigerator, washing machine, and large quantities of boxes at some point. That is why one of the most important tips is to hire a professional. That doesn’t mean you’ll just sit there while you move. But it is very encouraging to know that moving companies in Southern California are here to carry heavy boxes. In order not to take days off, many move on weekends. Because of that, moving companies then have more work and therefore the prices are higher those days. If you are able, do not plan to move on weekends or at the end of the month but choose a working day. And one more thing, don’t forget to book as soon as possible.

Get rid of unnecessary things before moving to Studio City

Moving is a great opportunity to clean up, because the less you take with you, the easier it will be to move. Over time, a lot of unnecessary things accumulate in the house. Moving is the best time to get rid of unnecessary things. There is no need to carry furniture and items you no longer use with you. So make a yard sale for things that are still in good condition. This way both parties benefit: you have room for new things and you will earn that dollar on the other hand you will make someone happy who will get a cheap piece of furniture. This way you can secure a portion of the budget for the move.

Woman counting money at modern office table
Organize a yard sale of things you do not need anymore and can save a few dollars to invest in your moving to Studio City.

Protect fragile items and furniture

Let white glove movers Los Angeles help you with your fragile belongings. They will make sure that your belongings are carefully and safely moved from your current home to a moving van and from the van to your new home. Transport sensitive parts if possible in the original packaging. Fragile items should be carefully packed and there is no need to rush when packing them. In the end, your stuff still has to move! Also, use double plastic wrap. This way you will be sure that nothing will break or be damaged.

Get the right packing material

Get several boxes in one size because then you will stack them easier. Pay attention to the thickness of the cardboard. If you get quality boxes, you will sell them easier after use or you can save them for the next time you need them. Solid boxes on the go are especially suitable for heavy household products. They are made of double instead of single cardboard. Comparing online offers can be useful if you are looking for suitable mobile boxes.

A man lying under a pile of boxes
If you still have some old boxes that you can still use, use them to move.

Stress-free packing and organizing tips

It helps a lot if you are well prepared as soon as possible – even before you start packing your boxes. Here is a possible schedule that can save you a lot of stress:

  • Start throwing things away about three months before you move. Comb the house well.
  • Go through the rooms of your house for at least a month before you move. Arrange things according to importance. Then proceed according to this classification: Collect first everything you will not need in the next few weeks. Pack everything in boxes at least seven days before moving.
  • Mark each box with a destination room. That way, not only you, but your helpers will know where things are going. Further details on the contents can also be useful when unpacking. Also useful: a written plan for removal staff or assistants. Mark all the doors in the new apartment accordingly, so that the boxes come in the right place.
  • One week before moving to Studio City, start the last phase: pack the remaining items in the transfer boxes. The goal is to have all the things in the boxes the night before moving.

Create an inventory list for each room

In order to be able to estimate the size of your move correctly, it is advisable to make an inquiry as detailed as possible. We recommend that you go through your house or apartment room by room and fill out all the points in the inquiry form. This way no important details can be overlooked. A big difference between the inventory list and the actual situation can unfortunately lead to many problems. A good and accurate provision of information is crucial.

A move is a collection of complex processes and variables that are to some extent interdependent. Think about the size of the removal goods, the distance, the number of rooms, and the number of people. There is no need for stress with these tips and tricks for moving to Studio City.