Tips for handling disputes with movers

The process of relocation is difficult and complicated. While you may hire movers to help you pack and relocate. sometimes, the movers themselves can be part of the problem. Online scammers, fraudulent moving companies, and irresponsible movers are all various possibilities that can pop-up during relocation. It is for this reason that you should know a few basic tips for handling disputes with movers. Let us begin by discussing the best way to avoid the dispute in the first place.

Avoiding disputes

First of all, before we go into tips on how to deal with disputes, you should do everything in your power to avoid them in the first place. Properly organize and plan your move. Prepare yourself for challenges that may come up along the way. If you are looking to complete the entire process of relocation on your own to avoid any dealings with the movers, that is fine. However, make sure you prepare yourself both mentally and physically as it will be extremely difficult. The safest and easiest way of packing and relocating is to hire good moving companies that deal with moving and packing Los Angeles.



Handling disputes with movers.
Handling disputes with movers is a long process so you should always hire professional movers in the first place.


Hire a professional moving company

The best and easiest way of avoiding any complications when dealing with movers is to hire a good moving company such as movers La Verne CA. Hiring a well-organized company that can be trusted is the best way to ensure your relocation goes smoothly and successfully. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you hire any movers. Some of the basic things that you should research before you hire a moving company are:

  • License – Moving companies with a license will take proper care when packing and transporting your items.
  • Insurance – Professional moving companies offer you insurance in case any of your items are damaged during transport.
  • Reviews and recommendations – Online reviews and recommendations are a good way of finding out how a particular moving company deals with its customers.
  • Read the contract and other terms of the agreement – Properly go over all of the requirements a moving company might require you to do.

Once you are sure you have chosen the right moving company for you, go ahead and hire them. This is the best way to avoid handling disputes with movers.



Go over your contract and look for any irregularities that you may have missed the first time.


Handling disputes with movers

We have already mentioned that any type of relocating is complicated and difficult. No matter how hard you try to prepare and organize your move, many things can go wrong. This is especially the case when moving to a large area such as California. Items can be broken, budget limits can be exceeded and the date of the move might be postponed. However, when dealing with any type of dispute it is best to always remain calm and review all of your options.

Go over the contract

Before signing anything, properly go over the contract requirements. Fraudulent moving companies will use any means necessary to get you to sign papers that can, later on, prove to be a problem. Sometimes you can skim through a part that might be crucial. If you believe that you were in any way scammed during a move or your movers have not delivered what they said they would go back to your contract. More often than not, how you can file a complaint will be listed in your contract. When you see damage to your items, file a complaint as soon as possible. Specific guidelines for filing a complaint as well as the time when you can do it will vary from a company to a company. If your complaint is about the price and cost of your relocation make sure you review your moving quotes Los Angeles and always get a free estimate before the move.

Write a complaint letter

Your first way of handling disputes with the movers should be to contact them directly. Once you have reviewed your contract as well as the damages that your items may have, contact your moving company. To have an easier time evaluating the damages to your inventory and the exact items in question, create a checklist before the move. Write a complaint letter to the moving company and explain to them exactly what went wrong during or after the move. Check their online website and leave a review stating exactly how your movers handled the relocation. Describe it in detail but make sure that the overall letter and review are concise and directly connected with your relocation.


Filing a claim.
If your movers are unwilling to cooperate, file a claim.


File a claim

This is the most concrete way of handling disputed with movers. It is also the last resource in case your movers do not want to admit any wrongdoings or make up for the damages done to your inventory. When filing a claim you are not directly dealing with your movers. There are three basic options for filing a claim against your movers.

  1. Contact Better Business Bureau. When you file a claim with BBB they will review it and ask your moving company to respond.
  2. File a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Contact FMCSA by phone or online and explain the exact cause of your complaint.
  3. Notify the American Moving & Storage Association.  They will, of course, first review your complaint and contact your movers.

In conclusion

To sum up, the process of relocation is difficult and complicated. Some of these difficulties can pop-up when dealing with movers. Make sure you are handling disputes with movers calmly and professionally. Firstly, try to review the damages. Secondly, contact your movers directly, leave a review on their website, and write them a complaint letter about what went wrong. Finally, if they do not want to deal with you contact organizations that are specifically designed to deal with disputes with movers. Follow these few basic tips and not only will you handle any dispute with the movers but you will also learn how to avoid them in the future.