Tips for packing food for your Sierra Madre move

When moving one of the things that are going to make the most of your time will be the process of packing. Packing is usually seen as boring, tedious, and exhausting. However, that does not mean that it should not be done right. We are here to show you a few basic tips for packing food for your Sierra Madre move. Aside from showing you how to pack your food properly we are also going to discuss why it is important to hire reliable moving companies in California when relocating.

Checklist for packing food for your Sierra Madre move.
Go over your food checklist when packing food for your Sierra Madre move.

Deciding what to take with you

It is not always easy to determine what stays and what goes. But when it comes to packing food, this part is essential. You likely have a number of different food items in your household inventory. However, not all of them are eligible for your relocation. This is because there are certain types of food that should never be packed for a move. Let us now go over a shortlist of ways in which you can declutter your food as well as determine what can come with you and what should be thrown away or eaten before the move.

The near-expired foods in your inventory

The near-expired foods in your inventory should be targeted first. Keep in mind that your relocation takes time and a lot of effort. To make things easier, it is best to use or throw away the near-expired food that you may have in your kitchen or storage. There is no need to waste valuable packing supplies and space in your new home for these items. This is one of the easiest ways of saving money on packing supplies.

Think about donation

A great way of getting rid of your entire pantry of food that you do not plan on taking with you is through donations. If there is quite a few leftover food in your kitchen cabinets or pantry that you would rather use than throw away, then it is time to contact your local charity organization and see how you can help. This also goes for the rest of your inventory. While you may not find some broken, used, or damaged items useful, other people will. It is an excellent way of helping others and also decluttering.

Packing food for your move

Now that you have decluttered some of your household inventory and food items you do not want in your new home, it is time to go on with the packing process. However, before you can start packing, you need materials and tools. These are essential to keep all of your items safe and protected during transportation. Fragile items, as well as food items, need proper protection. So, let us go over a quick list of basic packing supplies you need to get for your food when packing it. If you are unable to complete the packing process on your own or gather the necessary packing supplies, always hire professional moving companies Sierra Madre CA to help you out.

People packing items.
Get the required packing materials and tools for all of your items including food when moving.
  • Cardboard boxes. These are your basic packing supplies and should always be obtained before the packing process.
  • Protective materials and padding. The last thing you want is your food tossing all over the box once it is packed. So, secure the food items with various padding materials such as newspaper, towels, bubble wrap, packing foam, etc.
  • Labeling materials. You need to accurately label each box for its content. This is especially important for your food items.

Protect all fragile items

Certain foods are stored in jars, bottles, glass bowls, etc. All of these are considered fragile items. They can easily be broken during transportation. This is why they need to be protected properly. Wrap every such item with several layers of bubble wrap or other protective material. When it comes to glass bottles, think about if it is worth having them packed. They can potentially spill out or break during a move. So, if they do not contain extremely rare olive oils etc. you can get rid of them before your relocation.

Pack in the right order

Once each item is wrapped in protective materials and ready for the cardboard box, think about the order in which they should go. Think like a grocer. Heavier items are the first thing that should fill the cardboard box such as jars of peanut butter. Canned items can be at the bottom of your box as well. However, lighter and by extension, more fragile items should be placed at the top of your cardboard boxes. 

Labeling a cardboard box.
Use various labeling materials that you have acquired and mark each box for its content.


Label each box

We have already mentioned that labeling material should be a part of your packing supplies for the food items you have. Now is the time to use it. Once every item has been packed, check if each box is marked and labeled for its content. This makes it easier to unpack later on and keep track of all of your packed items. Furthermore, it gives your movers a good idea of which box needs to be handled with extra care. There are various creative ways to label your boxes so if you have kids you can let them do it. You can also get food label stickers for your items.

Hire professional moving companies

Moving and packing are not easy. The process of relocation takes a lot of time and effort. If you are unsure whether or not you can handle the entirety of the moving process as well as the packing on your own, you should always hire reliable elite movers to help you out. This is especially the case if you are packing food for your Sierra Madre move. With good organization, the right packing materials, and reliable movers, you are in for a quick and efficient relocation to Sierra Madre CA.