Top 10 family activities in LA

Welcome to Los Angeles, one of the capital cities of the world and the second-most populous city in the United States! Blessed with favorable climate and breathtakingly beautiful nature of California, Los Angeles is also a financial, cultural, and commercial powerhouse. It is the place where many different cultures clash, creating a unique blend of languages, culture, and cuisine. The first thing that comes to mind is the glam and glitter of Hollywood, but Los Angeles is much more than just that. It has a bit of everything for every taste, and if you are here for the first time, you must be wondering where to go and what to do. Furthermore, in a city this big, the options are pretty much endless but don’t worry as we have assembled a list of top 10 family activities in LA in no particular order.

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Hitting the beaches is one of the best family activities in LA

Despite what some people say, LA certainly is a kid-friendly place. Moreover, some of its neighborhoods have been labeled as great places for families. Plus, is there a better way to know Los Angeles than exploring its sandy beaches?

  1. Bike trail from Santa Monica to Venice beach. Enjoy the murals and authentic LA crowd along the 3-mile long pathway. Here you will see people skateboarding, playing basketball, or even lifting weights at the iconic Muscle Beach.
  2. Visit Malibu, Manhattan, and Hermosa beaches. These beaches are a bit more secluded than the Venice beach and are a perfect place to enjoy the Pacific shore and California’s golden sunsets. Prepare your camera to capture these genuinely mesmerizing moments.

    Beaches are a great place for family activities in LA
    Visit Los Angeles beaches to walk near the sea, ride a bicycle, or play volleyball. Venice, Malibu, Manhattan, and Hermosa beaches present excellent choices

LA offers plenty of other outdoor activities

With amazing year-round weather, it’s no wonder why people decide to move long-distance to reach California. And if the weather works in your favor, here are some exciting outdoor activities to experience with your family while in LA:

  1. Go on a hike in Griffith Park. Located in the Santa Monica mountain range Griffith Park is a great place to escape the hustle of urban downtown LA. You can opt to go all the way to the Mt Hollywood summit passing canyons as you advance. There are some astonishing viewpoints along the way with spectacular views of LA, Griffith’s Observatory, and Hollywood Hills.
  2. Echo Park Lake. Located in central Los Angeles, this green oasis is the ideal place for picnicking and enjoying the sunshine. You can also rent a paddleboat
  3. La Brea Tarpits and Museum. Located at the very heart of LA, Tarpits presents a unique chance for your kids to experience ice age fossils. Take your kids on an excavator tour where they can learn what happens when minerals are extracted from the tar.

    Picture of Hollywood sign
    Exploring nature around Los Angeles is one of the best family activities in LA. It will also be good for your health.

Interesting landmarks and must-see attractions

It is tough to limit our list of proposals to only ten, but most people won’t have enough time to visit everything LA has to offer anyway. We continue our tour with some of the most iconic spots that you and your kids absolutely must-see:

  1. Hollywood Boulevard. Probably the most well-known street in the country, Hollywood Boulevard is filled with various attractions. Many great theaters, museums, and libraries are located here, including El Capitan Theatre, where you can drop by to see a classic Disney flick. But nothing attracts more attention than the renowned Walk of Fame. See if you can find your favorite actors and singers or cartoon characters.
  2. Disneyland. Is there a kid in the world that wouldn’t like to visit Disneyland? We believe that the same applies to parents as well. The happiest place in the world is truly enormous, and even if you had a whole week, you probably wouldn’t see it all. Hop on a Disney Railroad and take a tour of it many themed worlds. Meet many characters and visit souvenir stores. There is so much to do yet so little time.
  3. Universal Studios. Any visit to LA would be incomplete without the visit to one of America’s most famous filming studios. The studio also serves as an amusement park, and some of the attractions here are the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Mummy ride. When you are done with the rides, you still have Universal City Walk to explore.

    Picture of Universal Studios
    Visit Universal studios to see some of your favorite movie scenes in person

For educational family activities in LA visit museums and bookstores

LA has a rich cultural heritage, and many kid-friendly museums and bookstores are here for you to explore:

  1. Griffith Observatory. Located at the summit of Mount Hollywood Griffith Observatory offers many educational exhibits and free telescope action. Also, don’t forget to check Samuel Oschin’s planetarium.
  2. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. The museum boasts a collection of over 35 million different objects, some of which are 4.5 billion years old. Permanent exhibitions are set up on three floors, and here you can find everything from dinosaurs to insects and marine mammal remains. Standout features are a massive Triceratops skeleton and the Hall of African Mammals.

As can be seen, there are plenty of family activities in LA. It is reasonably challenging to name them all, as new interesting content emerges almost daily. To see everything you would have to move here permanently. For those purposes, contact white glove movers Los Angeles and book your move today. Until then, take your backpack, grab a bottle of water and a camera, and hit the streets of this beautiful city.