Virtual tour tips and tricks

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more and more virtual tours. It keeps your health and the potential buyer’s health in good condition, however, it brought some changes with it. For example, now you need to use photos as a way to convince buyers that you have a great place. That’s why we at Good Neighbors Moving have decided to give you a hand. Here are some virtual tour tips and tricks that can help you a lot when showcasing your home.

Pick out the perfect time for the tour

In order to make your home as presentable as possible, you need to pick the right time. Many people will tell you that noon is the right time to take photos because there’s the most sunlight. However, the light quality isn’t the best. It makes everything too bright. For that reason, our local movers will always advise you to pick sundown for the photoshoot. That’s a perfect time as the sun has a more mild glow and it really creates a beautiful atmosphere.

A room during sundown
Sundown is the best time to do your virtual tour

Virtual tour tips and tricks – Make it more personal

Create your own virtual tour. Highlight the rooms and places you like the most. Sometimes that maybe isn’t the best strategy. However, if you’re being yourself and you’re confident when showing your favorite parts of the home that can be big. It’s no wonder that our moving services Los Angeles stand out as they are unique. The same goes for your tour. If it’s really special it will get the attention of the right people and you’ll have a beautiful experience as a bonus.

Avoid mirrors and reflections as much as possible

You need to watch out for mirrors and items that reflect. That’s because you don’t want your beautiful picture to be ruined by a flash from nowhere. For that reason, it’s important to check everywhere for glass and mirrors. Avoid those at all costs. You don’t want to use online image altering in order to try and salvage your perfect picture. It’s a better option for you to take care of your room and check for any potential problems and solve them.

A mirror
Avid mirrors or any objects that reflect light when doing the virtual tour

Virtual tour tips and tricks – Clean everything up

It’s extremely important that you clean everything up before you start with your virtual tour. There’s nothing worse than if you catch some mess you left on the floor and don’t notice it. It lowers interest from people and probably the price. For example, our movers in La will offer moving quotes Los Angeles as a way to show you an estimated price. However, for you, a great house can be ruined by dirty socks laying on the floor. And who knows? Maybe the person who has seen your mess would’ve bought the home if it looked better.

Doing a virtual tour of your house is awkward, to say the least. However, the better you can adjust to new circumstances the better. If you improve while other sellers are snoozing you’ll be able to sell your home in no time and maybe at a higher price. We hope that some of our virtual tour tips and tricks will help you understand that presentation can be even more important than the product itself. We wish you good luck and hope you learned something more with us.