West Covina vs. Studio City – which one do seniors prefer?

If you, or your dearest, are reaching into the golden age, you/they should consider where they want to spend their senior years. Should you live in the LA center, you might want to go a little bit further out. Here you have two options. West Covina vs. Studio City. Eather a smaller city nearby, or a neighborhood of LA. So, which one do you prefer? Or rather, which one do seniors prefer? What would be the pros and cons of each and how should you go about moving seniors in the first place… Let us explain all the above right here.

la at night - West Covina vs. Studio City
What is a better neighborhood for senior relocation?

West Covina vs. Studio City – what are the pros and the cons

Let’s get straight to the point. In order to make your selection from West Covina vs. Studio City debate, you need to know exactly what are the pros and cons of each place. That means that you need to be acquainted with the basic information about West Covina and Studio City respectively. Therefore, let us start with the movers West Covina CA and the location they are operating in. West Covina is a suburban city in Los Angeles County and is around 20 miles from Downtown LA. It boasts a population of little more than 100 000 residents. The city offers a lot when it comes to education and business opportunities, but when it comes to senior relocation it will be health care that will take the central stage.  For West Covina main health care facility is Citrus Valley Medical Center (also the biggest employer).

If you are hiring a moving company studio city CA you will be moving to a neighborhood of La originally known as Laurelwood. It has 34 000 residents, most of which are very old when compared to the median age of LA residents. Household earnings are around $75 000.  Studio City offers a lot of places for relaxation, including numerous parks, most of which are staffed.

Basics of senior relocation

Decided which one is better? Good! Now you need to know exactly how you will move.

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What will the senior relocation look like?
  • Good moving company – First and foremost, be sure to search for moving companies in Southern California that facilitate senior relocations. Most will explicitly state on their website if they offer senior relocations. Senior relocations are generally a little bit different than regular ones, as they require more assistance.
  • A lot of preparation – Once you made your choice between West Covina vs. Studio City, you need to start planning. The best time to start preparing for a move, especially the senior one, is around 10 weeks before the move. That way you can figure out all the paperwork and other affairs, like changing address, voter registration, utility discontinuation, etc.
  • Essentials pack – Finally, make sure that you are assisted (or that you assist the seniors) in checking for essentials during the packing. These are documents, communication devices, money, toiletries, etc.

With these steps, you will be ready to move either to Studio City or West Covina with ease.

What will you choose between West Covina vs. Studio City? If you are for recreation, Studio City is the way to go, but West Covina offers better healthcare. What will your choice be?