Guide to dealing with unprofessional moving crews

Unfortunately, dealing with an unprofessional moving crew is not unheard-of. However, you should make sure that you hire professional movers at all times. In any case, mistakes can happen and you might end up with an unprofessional moving company. What to do then? Well, it all depends on the degree of unprofessionalism you will face from your moving crew. Usually, some unprofessional moving crew “moments” can be overlooked or corrected. However, some cannot. Thus, we will help you with this one to the best of our abilities! Most professional movers are top-notch and you should never worry about their professionalism. There are some who are “bad”, but you can differentiate that if you follow certain rules. Let us not spoil our guide before we even begin it, so let us dive straight in, shall we?

Dealing with unprofessional moving crews – Types of unprofessionalism you might encounter

There are several kinds of unprofessionalism you might encounter. For example, you might not even get to see your moving company, even though you have hired their services. This guide is more serious than a guide to packing a pantry, so keep the following in mind:

  • Irreparable unprofessionalism. If a moving company asks you to pay them up-front, to sign non-binding estimates and is difficult to track either Offline or Online, chances are you will never see them in your life. However, even if you do, they might simply steal all of your belongings and leave without worrying about you ever again. Then, there would be little you can do about it. You can call the police, of course, but why put yourself through all of that in the first place? Find the best affordable movers Los Angeles offers (or any other city you are in) by carefully observing their professional traits. Moving reviews, company name, and location, a brand, et cetera, will help you with that!
  • Repairable unprofessionalism. In some cases, your moving company might not be as experienced as you believed them to be. This might lead to slight unprofessionalism. Not following the rules, regulations, and not treating you professionally, for example. Thus, there are some things movers should know before they come over and you should let them know everything you think they should. This will help deal with unprofessionalism. If you sign a contract and the crew is not professional, let your moving company know.
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You can recognize good movers by their professionalism prior to your move

Some things to keep in mind

There are some things you should keep in mind when dealing with unprofessional moving crews is concerned. For example, it does not matter if you are from New York City or from Los Angeles, you deserve the best relocation possible. Moreover, you are paying for that relocation and you deserve the highest-quality service your movers can offer. Thus, it is important to hire professional movers. However, if you happen to hire unprofessional ones, do not worry – either contact your moving company, or tell your crew what is bothering you. In most cases, your moving crew will apologize and they will not do such things anymore. After all, it might have been a simple mistake.

Planning your move - this can help you with dealing with unprofessional moving crew
Plan and prepare for your move – it is important

The problem arises when your moving crew is either unprofessional on purpose or not skilled enough to complete your move. There is little you can do at that point, to be honest. You can try reasoning with them, but chances are that you will not succeed. Calling your moving company might do the trick, but it might also yield unexpected results. Thus, it is important that you hire the best professional moving company in the first place. Ask your friends and family for some recommendations. For example, if they recommend some of the best moving companies Arcadia, CA offers, go with them by all means. They will not let you down.

Dealing with unprofessional moving crews – how to avoid this?

There are some ways you can avoid this before you prepare your home for movers. For example, you can do the following:

  • Read moving reviews. Online moving reviews will let you learn a lot about a moving company. For example, they might help you better understand your movers, their goals, and their skills. Furthermore, people who have hired their services before left valuable comments and reviews for you to read. Thus, find the best moving company best on that, but keep an eye out for fraudulent moving companies and reviews!
  • Ask about previous work. Chances that you will be the first client your moving company will relocate are slim and close to zero, actually. Thus, you can ask for proof that your potential moving company knows what they are doing and that they are professional. Only then can you be sure that they are the perfect choice for you.
  • Check for details and specifics. Honest moving companies have nothing to hide and they are “out there in the open”. They will have their information visible for everyone and you can easily locate them and contact them. Moreover, they will never ask you to pay upfront or to sign only non-binding contracts. Look for such qualities in your potential moving company. Believe us, you will thank us later!

Additional information

Most moving companies are professional and they will make the best out of your move. However, some are not and you should try to spot and avoid them. After all, even if you sign a false contract and pay upfront, what can guarantee that your moving company will arrive to relocate you or that they will not steal your belongings? For this reason, it is really important that you fully understand how moving companies work. Then you will know how to avoid fraudulent movers. After all, dealing with unprofessional moving crews is easy compared to dealing with thieves.

A company meeting
Find someone you can trust

Dealing with unprofessional moving crew – conclusion

In the end, dealing with unprofessional moving crews can be extremely hard. You need to make sure that you never hire fraudulent movers. Thus, reading, learning, and informing yourself more about what can happen might save your relocation. In any case, we wish you all the best with your move!