Home features Covina home buyers want at the moment

Buying a home comes with a great deal of responsibility and decision-making. In order to make sure you’re buying the best possible place for your family, you need to have a list of priorities. What are you looking for in a house? As this can be a pretty tough decision to make, knowing what other home buyers are looking for might help you and give you some ideas. That’s why today the experts from Good Neighbors Moving Company are telling you all about the home features Covina home buyers want in 2021. Let’s check out the list, shall we?

5 things Covina home buyers are looking for

1. Outdoor space

In a COVID-ridden world, people are starting to appreciate the outdoors more and more. Seeing as we’re spending a lot more time at home and socializing over Zoom, it’s nice to get some time in the real world and see the sunlight. If you’re one of the people working from home, you’re probably already sick of sitting inside.

two women on a patio - one of the home features covina home buyers want
Outdoor spaces mean a lot, especially during the pandemic.

That is why a home feature Covina home buyers are looking for is outdoor space. Depending on the type of home you’re buying, the type of outdoor access might vary. You might want a balcony, a patio, or a big backyard if you are a young parent and moving to Covina. Either way, contact with nature will definitely soothe you.

2. Garage storage space

One of the crucial things in any home is storage space. Everyone wants to be able to store all their belongings inside of their home. Otherwise, you have to look for storage units in California. Well, at the moment garage storage space seems to be all the rage among home buyers. Having some extra space in your garage to keep your tools, boxes, winter clothes, old toys, etc. is way more practical than using the attic or basement. The easy access is what makes garage storage space one of the home features Covina home buyers are after.

3. Laundry room

Having a designated room where you wash, dry, iron, and fold your laundry sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? That is exactly why a laundry room is something that Covina home buyers want at the moment. This popular trend enables you to keep the laundry out of the spare room or your bedroom. It keeps your home cleaner and less cluttered, so it’s no wonder most buyers are interested in this home feature.

4. Walk-in closet

One of the biggest trends among homebuyers in Covina is a walk-in closet. Having a whole room to serve as closet space is many people’s dream come true. It’s where you can fit all your clothes, try on all your outfits and even get some alone time.

walk in closet
A walk-in closet is a dream of many people – that’s why it’s one of the home features Covina home buyers want.

This is the perfect addition to your master bedroom! Plus, it provides you with all the storage space you need. As we’ve said, having enough room for all your things is super important. So, having a separate room for your clothes, shoes, and accessories is a great feature to have in your new home in Covina City.

5. Eat-in kitchen

Last, but definitely not least, one of the best home features Covina home buyers want is an eat-in kitchen. A grand kitchen with a beautiful island where the family can gather and spend time together while preparing dinner is not a trend for no reason. It’s practical, it’s where friends and family come together and it even looks amazing. And that also makes Covina a good place for living.