How to include your kids in the packing process

Moving is a chaotic process, and doubly so for children. It is a big change, and you may find it difficult to explain what is happening. You should include your kids in the packing process. Not only will it mean you have less work to do, but it will also help them understand the situation better. They will be comforted in the knowledge that all of their possessions will still be with them after the move. It is also a good opportunity to teach your kids personal responsibility. It will be up to them to make sure that their favorite toy doesn’t break during the move, so they will have to put in the effort to pack it. Let movers Sierra Madre CA do the move, while you help your kids adjust.

Give them awards when they do the job right.

Make It Fun

As you well know, entertaining children for short periods of time is not difficult. Especially if they are young. You can make packing with your kids the most fun activity in the world! If you make packing fun, they may be more willing to do other chores, too. They will associate regular household activities with entertainment, so it won’t be that hard to get them to clean their room next time. Make packing a competition. Whoever packs their toys first, gets to an award. Initially, you should supervise them to make sure they do it right. After a while, they will get the hang of it and start checking on each other. While they are packing miscellaneous items you can focus on the more valuable possessions. Moving services Los Angeles will provide you with the supplies, you just need to use them creatively.

Teach Them About Responsibility

By having your kids help you pack, you are not only taking some of the workloads off yourself but are also teaching them responsibility. Give them an award for each box they pack. It can be a treat they like, staying a bit past their bedtime, or even a simple accomplishment sticker you can put on a wall. By giving out these small awards, you will be teaching them that hard work pays off. The younger your children start learning important life lessons, the better off they will be. If they do something hastily or incorrectly, you can show them how to do it properly. By doing it together with your kids, packing becomes a bonding experience, instead of just a chore.

Include your kids in the packing process.
Include your kids in the packing process by having them label the boxes.

Get Them to Label Boxes

All kids like to draw and write. Instead of messing up your walls, let them use the packing boxes as creative outlets. Boxes are expendable, and you can get them cheap from Good Neighbors Moving Company. Your boxes should be properly labeled for easier unpacking, so don’t let your kids go wild. If they can write, then there is no issue. Tell them what to write on each box. If they can’t, have them draw something that they associate with the items inside the box (and maybe put a small label in the corner, just in case). If you include your kids in the packing process, they will have an easier time adjusting. Consequently, the move will be easier for you, too.