How to pack for a local move in LA County?

It may come as a relief to your move if you are moving someplace near. Although you are only moving locally, there are many important tasks to complete before the move. Packing is for sure one of the most boring and stressful processes – no matter where you move. If you are relocating inside LA Country, check out these tips on how to pack for a local move in LA County. Also, for the move itself, make sure to search for moving company Los Angeles for local moving companies that will be perfect for your move.

A person packing a wrapped item in a white box as a preparation to pack for a local move in LA County.
Make sure you wrap valuable items to prevent damage.

Supplied you’ll need to pack for a local move in LA Country

The crucial part of packing is getting the appropriate supplies. To properly protect and wrap your belongings, you will need good-quality materials. For instance, must-haves include:

  • Sturdy and durable moving boxes. If you have the time, you can save the boxes from various packages you both, or you can buy them.
  • Packing paper for protecting various things from scratches. You can use old newspapers or gift wrappers if you have some.
  • Bubble wrap for your most delicate items will keep your breakables enveloped in cushioning.
  • Strong packing tape for keeping your boxes securely shut.
  • Dark, clearly readable markers for labeling your boxes by room and accent which ones contain breakables.

Declutter your belongings

Before a move, it’s good to reduce the amount of stuff you’re relocating. Therefore, this will reduce the cost of the move, but you will make room for new stuff. For example, you can have a garage sale, sell online, donate, or simply gift them on to friends and family.

After reorganizing you can check out movers La Canada Flintridge CA for a quotation. However, if the cost comes as too high, rethink your stuff and whether if something is worth moving. Maybe this is a perfect chance to upgrade some of the appliances or furniture. 

Pack items per most used and least used

In order to avoid inconvenience as much as you can during your move, pack your belongings by importance. Firstly, you should pack is the items that are not necessary every day. Such are out-of-the-season stuff, sports items, CD, decorations, collectibles and etc. However, as the moving day moves closer, you should start to pack your cookware, bedding, toiletries, and other daily essentials.

Blond woman packing converse shoes on a home office desk full of boxes and office supplies.

Donate or sell the stuff you no longer use. Secondly, you should load them first into the moving truck, so you will unload them last. Therefore, you will have them on top of other boxes and they will be easily accessible. Also,  as you pack for a local move in LA County, you can check moving companies Arcadia CA for services they provide and check how much of the move they can cover. 

Pack your car for a local move in LA County

If you are relocating nearby, you will likely be driving your car to your new home. This way, the items you had to leave off of the moving truck can go with you. Consider that there are some things that are forbidden or not recommended for transport by the moving companies. Such items are dangerous or irreplaceable.

Things to pack in your own vehicle can include:

  • Hazardous materials (alcohol, gasoline, cleaning supplies)
  • Foods and drinks
  • Pets and plants
  • Irreplaceable items (important personal documents, valuable jewelry, cash, photographs, etc.)

Get quotes from local movers

Finlay, when planning a local move, one of the crucial tasks is finding a professional and efficient moving company. To begin comparing quotes from professional local movers start by searching companies located in your place, such as moving company Alhambra CA.

Once you are ready and packed for a local move in LA County, moving is going to be much smoother and easier. And once in your new home, you can check out these tricks for fast and easy unpacking.