Moving to Burbank on a budget – 7 tips

Burbank, California is known as the “Media Capital of the World.” It is the home of mega studios and has its own airport. Still, the city is mainly a suburban area, with a welcoming retro vibe. It is located just 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Located between the ocean and mountains, and with friendly neighborhoods, Burbank is a nice place for living. Although not very cheap, housing is more affordable than in Los Angeles. Plus, commuting to Los Angeles is quick and easy. Whatever is your reason for moving, you may opt for moving to Burbank on a budget. In that case, we can help you with 7 useful tips. They can help whether you organize a DIY move or hire affordable services of movers Los Angeles.

Moving to Burbank on a budget – a desk with laptop, papers, calculator, and piles of money.
Determine your moving budget.

How to save money when moving to Burbank on budget

There are many ways of how to save money when moving. You can even earn some money, selling the things you don’t need. Or the bulky things that will not match your new home. Also, you can save on packing material. In case you decide to hire a Burbank moving company, you can still save by packing the things yourself.

To move to Burbank on a budget, start with decluttering

Decluttering is a very important step when you are preparing to move. First, you will get rid of the surplus things. Second, you will know exactly how many things you will have to move. That will help you to:

  • Make a moving checklist with realistic deadlines
  • Determine your moving budget, based on the number of your items

When making the moving budget, you will need to know the moving quotes Los Angeles. The moving budget will show you how much money you need for the move. It will also show you if you can cover the moving cost, or you need to save up more.

The woman is sitting at a table with a laptop and reading documents.
Keep records of your spending during the preparation period.

Other ways to move on the budget

Besides earning from selling surplus items, there are a few other ways to move on a budget. Basically, you can save up in the following ways:

  1. Donate all surplus things that you can’t sell – that way the local movers Los Angeles, will charge you less for transportation costs
  2. Use cheap or free moving materials – instead of buying the costly packing supplies, use what you have at home. Also, you can get the cardboard boxes from shops for free. Or you can buy them cheap
  3. Do packing yourself or with the help of your friends – but be careful to pack all items properly
  4. Don’t overspend buying things you don’t need – this way again, you will have fewer things to transport
  5. In case you are moving due to a new job – check if your company is reimbursing the moving costs. Also, check if the moving costs are deductible from your income tax
  6. Try to plan your move during the off-season time – the rates are lower in that period
  7. Move during the workdays – moving on weekends is more expensive

Keep records of your spending during the preparation for moving on budget

This is very important. Once you set your moving budget, be careful about spending. You would not be happy to discover that your plan of moving to Burbank on a budget is ruined. And discovering such a thing on a moving day would be a real disaster. Also, it will cause you numerous other problems. You will have to borrow money. Or you will have to cancel your move. So, to be on the safe side, keep records about your receiving and spending. We hope our tips will help you to safely move to your new home in Burbank.