Packing with toddlers – California edition

Packing is a process that can be very frustrating. It takes a lot of time and energy from you. Obviously, the best thing you can do is to hire professionals to get it done for you. But what if that’s not the case and you have a family with toddlers? Well, we at the Good Neighbors Moving Company have a couple of suggestions for you to make packing with toddlers a task that is far easier to do than usual. Follow these steps and it will be over sooner than you expected.

Keep the environment safe

If there’s something important, it’s to keep our little ones safe. For that reason, when you’re packing it’s a good idea to put away all the dangerous items that you can. Even if packing really doesn’t involve too many dangerous materials, our residential movers LA will always tell you to put scissors and other items away. You never know how a toddler might interact with them, so let’s be better safe than sorry.

Orange handle scissors
Make sure that everything is safe when packing with toddlers

Start as soon as possible

In general, when you start packing or moving early, it gets done easier and faster. However, when you’re packing with toddlers this isn’t the only reason. If you ever catch them sleeping, it might be in the early mornings. That’s why our movers Brea CA advise you to start as early as possible. You will have the peaceful and quiet environment that you need. But not only that, you won’t have to take care of the toddlers. That really can distract you from your task.

Packing with toddlers? Late nights will be your ally

The same as the early mornings, late nights might be the only other time your toddlers are asleep. That’s why it’s a good idea to get some packing done the moment you put them in their beds. When you’re packing you need to avoid all distractions. Even the best moving companies West Covina will agree that you need concentration and focus when packing. Embrace the late nights, and get some of the smaller packing chores underway as you won’t make too much noise.

The moon
Late nights might be the only time when your kids are asleep

Before packing with toddlers get rid of the stuff they’ve outgrown

You might have toddlers, but your kids are growing faster and faster. In just a couple of years, they will almost be adults. When they change, it’s quick and you won’t even catch it happening. For that reason, it’s good to get rid of the stuff they don’t play with anymore. For example, throw away old toys, donate the clothes they can’t fit anymore, sell some of the books they’ve outgrown. You will need to pack less stuff and that really can be helpful on bigger moves.

Do you know somebody who likes packing? Neither do we! However, when you have small kids or toddlers your job can become ten times more difficult. Kids are like kids, they will always be curious, however, they might get in your way often. That’s why people rarely try packing with toddlers and hire professionals. Whatever your decision might be, we’re sure that you’ll be able to handle it. And with the tips we gave you, it might get easier than you think.