Top benefits of living in Burbank, CA

In the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, laying the beautiful city of Burbank. Surrounded by one of the most famous areas in the USA is what makes Burbank the perfect city to live in an urban-suburban life. Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros Studios is what is Burbank most known for. According to moving companies in California, Burbank is one of the most growing cities in the area when it comes to population growth. The benefits of living in Burbank are many, but we will like to inform you about the top ones.

What are the benefits of living in Burbank?

If you have decided to move to Burbank CA, you must’ve been looking for good things about living there. First of all, you should know that a lot of your neighbors are going to be workers in the entertainment industry. Housing costs in Burbank may be slightly higher than the national average, but on the other hand, there are a lot of affordable movers Los Angeles who will help you with settling in. Nevertheless, we are here to talk about all of the advantages of living in Burbank so here are the top ones.

  • You will enjoy beautiful weather through all seasons
  • Nature offers you a lot of different activities that you can enjoy
  • Safety may be the most important one on the list of benefits of living in Burbank
  • Great community that will welcome you open-handed
  • Top-rated schools and university choices
Strong community is one of the benefits of living in Burbank CA
A strong community is one of the benefits of living in Burbank CA


In Burbank, you can expect to have nice weather all year. With a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, you can barely feel winter. The average high temperature during the year is 75 °F. This means that you can enjoy the sun almost through all seasons and spend a lot of time outside and relish all the fun outside activities. Whenever you plan to move to Burbank, you got to make sure that your residential movers Los Angeles are well hydrated because the heat can be strong.


If you are a fan of the outdoor lifestyle, Burbank has a lot to offer you. With a lot of public parks that have baseball fields, tennis courts, and swimming pools, Burbank is the perfect place to spend your days while enjoying the sun. There are also many picnic areas. Whenever you feel like you are missing the city crowd, LA is just around the corner. However, Burbank movers claim that these days lot of people are trying to escape from the big cities and settle down in smaller suburban areas.

A group of people having a picnic in the park in Burbank
Burbank has a lot of parks where you can spend your days and that makes it a perfect place for living


One of the biggest concerns people have with every relocation is how safe is the place they are moving to. The city of Burbank has its own police and fire departments. Residents of Burbank say that having these facilities makes them feel safer. With very well infrastructure developed you can be sure that you will be well connected with all the important departments in case of need.

Community and education

Residents of Burbank are very well organized when it comes to ecological conditions. Almost at every corner, you can find recycling centers. Burbank is green as it can be. You will find yourself among very friendly and well-established neighbors. Every Saturday there is a farmer’s market in Burbank’s downtown. That would be a good chance to get to know your new neighbors and ask them everything you want to know about the city. They can tell you all about the great educational centers that the city of Burbank and the close area can offer. Besides, maybe they can help you find out about all of the benefits of living in Burbank CA first hand.