Unpacking tips and tricks for a smoother process

In theory, unpacking should be quite easy, right? Just take stuff out of boxes, place them where they need to be, and you’re good to go. In practice, the opposite is true. Unpacking often takes longer than packing and causes more stress. With the added stress of a move, your new life may not start out as care-free as you hoped. There are two things you should do to counteract the move overwhelming you. The first is to hire professional and elite movers to take on some of the load. The second is to use these unpacking tips and tricks to make the whole process run smoother.

Before the Move

In case you are already packed, you can skip to the next section, as this deals with how to make unpacking easier by packing correctly. One of the primary mistakes that people make is that they pack everything they have, including the stuff they never intend to use. There is no reason to do this. Before you move, throw away, recycle, or sell anything you don’t need. You will save money on the size of the move, waste less energy, have more free space, and it will be easier to unpack. The other thing is to always label your boxes. Knowing what each box contains will make unpacking much, much, easier.

Make a Plan

Unpacking tips and tricks are only valid if you have a good plan in place. You surely know the layout of your new home, so it won’t be hard to decide what goes where. Before the truck unloads your possession, you should know which furniture goes in which room. The same applies to the content of each box. Once the moving truck arrives, ask the movers to place the boxes in the appropriate rooms. Most moving companies in Covina are glad to help if they can. Having the boxes in the right place will make unpacking easier.

Family unpacking box.
Some unpacking tips and tricks, like labeling your boxes, can only be employed during packing.

Start Unpacking the Essentials

You should always start unpacking beginning with essentials. Things like toiletries, bed sheets, the clothes you will wear, possibly your laptop or your kid’s favorite toy. Essentials are anything and everything you will need in the first few days. Once you are done with that, start unpacking room by room. This will give you a structure that you can follow and help you not to forget everything. Start from the bathroom and kitchen, then go on to the next one. You can even make a checklist to help you keep track of what is done.

Unpacking tips and tricks.
Unpack from most important to least important.

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the biggest reasons people have trouble with unpacking is due to procrastination. While it is quite common, do your best to avoid it. You unpack the essentials and some other stuff you need and leave the rest for later. A few days later is perfectly fine, but one month later is not. You wouldn’t believe how many times someone hires moving and packing Los Angeles services only to find stuff still in their boxes from the previous move. No amount of unpacking tips and tricks will help you if you don’t try to employ them. Give yourself a deadline for when you need to be fully unpacked and follow it. If it seems you are cutting it close, ask for some help. Remember, procrastination is the thief of time. So kick it out of your home and good luck with unpacking!