Dog-friendly LA neighborhoods you should check out

Finding a pet-friendly place isn’t always the easiest task. You can easily find the place but is that the right dog-friendly neighborhood? Are there pet amenities you could use and enjoy living with your furry friend? When it comes to LA, you don’t need to worry. Los Angeles is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country thanks to a bunch of pet services you could use. If you were thinking of choosing this city with more of the 300 sunny days a year, there is a moving company Los Angeles has that can help you with everything you need. Let’s read about dog-friendly LA neighborhoods you should check out.

Why should you choose dog-friendly LA neighborhoods?

This question is maybe odd, but your pet is a part of your family, too. If you own one, you should try and provide it the happiest life you can. Choosing the right place for a living not just for you, but for your pet too, should be the highest priority. Also, there are best ways to relax after a stressful relocation for us, people. Don’t think your dog hasn’t felt anything during the move. All of your family needs to feel comfortable in the new neighborhood, so here are some things to consider.

a dog voting for dog-friendly LA neighborhoods
While choosing a new place, ensure that your dog also approves your new neighborhood.
  • Interview about who are your neighbors – if your landlord loves pets, maybe the people around you don’t. This can make everyday activities hard and your dog might suffer. Here are 12 tips for getting to know your neighbors, so try them out.
  • The location of dog parks – it is very important to take your dog for a run. Also, you can easily befriend other pet owners and both of you can have fun in any of the new dog-friendly LA neighborhoods.
  • More pet-friendly real estate – if there is a neighborhood that has more real estate listings that are pet friendly, that means the neighborhood is more pet-friendly. Take everything into consideration and look at the bigger picture while choosing. You won’t regret it later.
  • Pet deposit – your landlord might ask for a pet deposit, the money you will give in advance in case your dog damages any of the possessions inside the place. If your landlord requires a pet deposit, ensure that it is refundable. If no damage is made inside the rental, you can get your money back. Keep in mind that the more exclusive the rental is, the higher the pet deposit.
  • Pet services nearby – it could be a veterinarian or grooming, all of the services should be close. If there are a lot of these, you are sure you’re choosing the right neighborhood.

All of the above can affect your dog’s behavior. If the dog is unhappy and needs a lot of time to adjust, that can be very hard to understand for people who don’t have pets. That is why you should follow this list and choose the right LA neighborhood that is pet-friendly.

Studio City

Since it’s located in the Valley, there are plenty of parks that offer an amazing outlet and exercise for you and your dog. A lot of pet amenities can be found here. You can hike with your dog through the canyon and get some amazing views of the Valley. Also, the wonderful Laurel Canyon Dog Park is a large area with a fence where you can take your dog off the leash.

two dogs running together
Your furry friend will have a blast running with pet friends through the neighborhood.

Don’t think we forgot about pet-friendly restaurants. Not only they are free to enter and sit along with you at the table. There are a lot of store owners that have a bowl with treats at the entrance. The true pet paradise, isn’t it? Now, there is also a moving company Studio City CA always needed. They are reliable and on time, and when moving with your pet, the professional moving company is everything you need.

Santa Monica

Amazing 80% of rentals marked as pet-friendly puts Santa Monica very high on the list. When the ocean is calling, go ahead. You will need more than a one-hour drive to the center of LA. If you are okay with this, you will choose a very nice place to live in. With a lot of parks and a beachy lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with your pet living here. All that’s left is to keep your place nice and clean. Here are summer maintenance tips for your LA home. We hope this helps during those hot days.

La Verne is also one of the dog-friendly LA neighborhoods

You maybe didn’t expect to see this area on the list. However, there are more than 80 dog-friendly activities within 20 miles around La Verne. If you own a car, traveling around won’t take you a lot of time for finding the perfect exercise spot for your dog. Call La Verne moving companies because here you can even go kayaking together!

dog traveling in the car
Traveling around with your dog is always fun.

Downtown LA

The last but not least, Downtown LA is a great dog-friendly neighborhood. It’s in the center of the action and you can easily get to any dog park in Los Angeles. This metropolitan area offers a large number of pet-friendly restaurants, stores, and sidewalk water bowls. Along with that, there is no lack of veterinarians and grooming services.

On the other hand, if you were looking for a house with a big yard, choose differently. A lot of tall buildings are prevailing, therefore, go for an apartment unit.

You can’t go wrong with moving to LA with a dog

Moving with your dog to LA can be the dream come true. This pet paradise offers a large number of dog parks and, therefore, a lot of dog-friendly LA neighborhoods. The love for animals changes this area every year and it’s present in almost every part of the town. Your dog will definitely enjoy the beach, friendly neighbors, and dog friends everywhere.